title icon‘1000-Lb Sisters’: Life-changing surgery is just weeks away for Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton has been very quiet for the past few months. Her social media activity has returned in recent weeks, however. It's hard for the 1000-Lb Sisters star to keep her fans in the dark, but she keeps them updated as much as she can. Nonetheless, Tammy says she is not permitted to talk about her weight, weight loss, or surgeries due to her contract with TLC. Tammy Slaton, on the other hand, can reveal the changes she has undergone recently. She shared her new hairdo with her followers earlier this week. In place of her usual tight bun, the reality star is sporting a new curly perm. Slaton's fans are noticing more than just that.

Tammy's followers can't help but notice that the reality star is much happier these days. She is believed to feel good about herself by many of her followers. There is a smile on her face, she seems relaxed, and it seems as if she is enjoying life more. Several fans have expressed concern over the past few months. During her stay in the Ohio rehab facility awaiting her weight loss surgery, they were concerned that she might become depressed. It is great news for Tammy's fans when she uploads happy pictures on social media. The fans. A Lexington, Kentucky hospital is reportedly set to perform bariatric surgery on the TV star by the end of the month.

As a result of Tammy's surgical procedure, she will return to her Ohio rehab facility to continue her recovery. Despite her aversion to reality television, Tammy Slaton intends to return. The reality series is already in production, according to Slaton. Amy Halterman and her husband Michael Halterman recently welcomed their second son, Glenn Halterman. Amy has previously stated she's undecided about returning to the show. How do you feel about Tammy Slaton's changes? Looking forward to seeing her continue her weight loss journey on TLC? Although she still has a long way to go before reaching her weight loss goals, she appreciates all the love and support from her fans.