title icon1000-Lb Sisters: Two weeks have passed since Glenn's birth, and Amy shares new pictures

Two weeks after giving birth to her first child, 1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton Halterman is proudly displaying her new baby photos. The TLC star is now a mother of two and will soon have a lot on her plate. However, viewers can tell she is enjoying every minute of it. Amy gave birth to Gage shortly after her gastric bypass surgery in November 2020. The doctors warned Amy that this would be a high-risk pregnancy and that she should wait, but Amy decided being a mother was more important. Amy put her weight loss journey on hold to focus on becoming a mother for the first time. Her TLC viewers watched as she organized her messy home so Gage could thrive.

Amy announced shortly thereafter that she was pregnant again, noting that she would have two under two.1000-Lb Sisters viewers recently learned that Amy and Michael Halterman welcomed their second son, Glenn Allen Halterman. It was announced on July 8 that Gage Deon Halterman had become a big brother for the first time. To mark two weeks since Glenn was born, Amy has shared new photos on social media. Glenn was fast asleep in his car seat, snuggled up in his blanket. Amy noted that her baby is now two weeks old, saying time flies when you're "living out your dreams."

Amy said that big brother Gage loves to watch over his little brother while he is sleeping. The second photo shows Amy swaddling her newborn and kissing his head as he took a nap on her chest. Glenn was once again asleep in dreamland in the last picture. We hope Amy doesn't get overwhelmed with the newest addition to the Slaton clan. Fans were thrilled to catch a glimpse of the newest addition to the Slaton clan.

Two boys under 2 will be a challenge for the 1000-lb Sisters star, but her fans have faith in her. She has yet to confirm whether she will return to the show, as she recently stated she wanted to spend time with her children. The TLC cameras have already begun rolling, and there will be a season with or without Amy.