title icon90 Day Fiance: Here are the Best & Worst Dressed in Season 9 Tell All

Fans cheered and jeered after the 90 Day Fiancé Tell All episode which brought together the controversial season 9 cast members. There has been widespread dissatisfaction among viewers who had expected the return of 90 Day Fiancé's core series.

Many fans complained that the show's cast consisted of clout chasers and unlikeable characters whose storylines were dull and frustrating. Nevertheless, the cast members' Tell All outfits were just as noteworthy as their actions. Season 3 cast members wore bold jewel tones on stage, and their fashion choices were some of the most flashy ever seen on a Tell All.

90 Day Fiancé franchise Tell Alls offers cast members the chance to dress up and show off their glam sides, but it is not uncommon for their outfits to fail to impress viewers. Throughout this season's Tell All, there are 90 Day Fiancé cast members who are being hailed as style mavens as well as those who are being called fashion failures.

Guillermo Rojer

It should come as no surprise to viewers that Guillermo displayed a suave, but not stuffy, style at the Tell All. Throughout season 9, Guillermo's style was impeccable, from his hair to his shoes. Guillermo wore a well-fitted navy blazer, and a periwinkle blue button-up shirt, paired with jeans and beige loafers for the Tell All. It was a polished look, but not too formal, which was ideal for the Tell All event. Biniyam Shibre

Biniyam Shibre is another 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum who does not shy away from bold fashion statements. The Tell All look by Biniyam exemplifies Biniyam's keen eye for bright colors and his ability to incorporate traditional Ethiopian patterns and styles into his attire. An MMA fighter by the name of Biniyam took the stage in a bright pink suit layered with a black t-shirt underneath and a shining gold crucifix around his neck.

Besides complementing his pink blazer beautifully, the black shirt also highlighted the gold of the necklace beautifully. However, Biniyam's wife Ariela Weinberg was still outshone by her husband despite wearing a matching sparkly pink dress.

Kara Bass

The glow on Kara's face and growing baby bump made it evident that she and Guillermo are expecting a child. Just like her husband, Kara invests a great deal of time and effort into her personal style, which enabled her to stand out both during her wedding and on the stage during 90 Day Fiancé Tell All. Fans enjoyed seeing a woman embrace her changing body as she prepared to welcome her first child in a lime green dress with asymmetrical straps. Jibri Bell

As Patrick's brother John would say, Jibri, or "sp-ah-k le," attempted to stand out at the Tell All, but his choice of attire and petulant demeanor backfired disastrously. The starburst of multi-colored sequins in his suit reminded me of a child screaming, "Look at me!" Jibri is known for his wild fashion choices, but this outfit seemed extra hard for him.

Mohamed Abdelhamid

Mohamed Abdelhamed's outfit was not obscenely ostentatious, but he could have done a lot better, especially in light of how good some of his other castmates looked at the Tell All. The look he wore was extremely basic, which is usually a safe bet for those who are style-impaired. Unfortunately, the color of Mohamed's shirt and slacks do not complement one another.

Despite the fact that his purple shirt is not properly fitted, his gray pants appear to have a slight purple hue as well, making him appear monochromatic and unflattering. The best option for Mohamed would have been to choose a darker pair of trousers to provide a contrast to his shirt. Shared Sween

The style of Shaeeda Sween at the 90 Day Fiancé Tell All was a bit of a mixed bag. There is a lot to be desired about her all-blue outfit because its baggy silhouette does not flatter her beautiful figure. But Shaeeda's hijab was truly one of the most memorable and beautiful pieces of fashion on the stage. There was something eye-catching about Shaeeda's dress. It was a shimmery sparkly blue that made her look like she was wearing the night sky on her head.