title icon90 Day Fiancé: Rose Vega's 10 Things You Need To Know

In her latest vlog, 90 Day franchise star Rose Vega introduces her new boyfriend, Greg. Her fans were delighted to see her with someone who is so supportive and driven.

During season four of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days, Rose navigated a problematic relationship with her American suitor, Big Ed Brown, from her hometown in the Philippines. A reality star whose family struggled to make ends meet for much of her life is now living the life of her dreams.

Her modeling career is thriving, and she's even been able to create a new life for her family, including Prince, her beloved son. Whether it's because of her inspirational story or endearing personality, Rose is a fan favorite. Rose lives her life candidly in front of the camera, but new facts about the ambitious model keep emerging.

Rose, who grew up dreaming of a career in fashion, has been noticed by several modeling agencies since appearing on Before The 90 Days. It appears that she is now making a comfortable living as a model for a variety of brands and products.

There are other 90 Day franchise cast members who have pursued modeling careers. As a well-recognized international model, Juliana Custodio also appeared in season 7. In contrast with Juliana, who had been modeling professionally for many years before joining the reality show, Rose's big break came after she had been on the show.

Rose is from Caloocan, a large city in the Philippines on the island of Luzon. Caloocan, which borders Manila, the country's capital, is an urban center that offers all of the amenities of city life, including universities, museums, historical monuments, and a huge mall.

Her childhood was hard, and when she met Big Ed, she was living behind her sister's convenience store with her son and extended family, sleeping on a mattress on the floor in a building without doors, ceilings, or running water.

After struggling in her early life, Rose has found success in the fashion industry and seems to be making some very smart investments. Aside from remodeling the space, she was living in when Big Ed first visited, which is now part of her sister's renovated and upgraded store, she also purchased land and built her own home.

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Her two-story home is a comfortable place for her, her son, and her father to live. As well as purchasing a large farm, Rose plans to cultivate agriculture there. As her father is an experienced pig farmer, it is likely that she will introduce animals to her land as well.

After renovating her sister's building, building her own home, and purchasing a farm, Rose didn't stop. A grocery store was also recently opened by the Filipina beauty in her hometown of Caloocan. In honor of her son, Prince, the shop is called Prince's Store.

Her shop appears to sell grocery essentials in bulk, including rice. "A new chapter in my life," Rose wrote in an Instagram caption, challenging her followers to "never stop dreaming!" Rose is quickly earning a coveted spot among the 90 Day stars with the most Instagram followers. As a brand ambassador, she also partners with cosmetic brands and wellness services.

Rose, like many 90 Day cast members, has a Facebook page, a TikTok account, a YouTube channel, and a Cameo profile, where fans can record personal greetings for as little as $30. As a result of all her entrepreneurial endeavors, she probably makes a pretty penny.

The 90 Day stars are often criticized for their poor parenting, but Rose is not one of them. In addition to being attentive to her son's needs, she prioritizes his well-being above all else. The reality series featured Rose's desire to have more children than Big Ed, a desire he did not share with her.

On family outings, Rose and her son often visit local parks and pools. Additionally, the mother and son travel together. Rose shared a photo of herself and Prince on an airplane en route to Thailand on Instagram. It was Prince's first trip outside the country, she told her followers. In her social media posts, Rose regularly praises women raising children on their own, including herself.

Her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, as she was born on November 28th. Sagittarius people, according to Astrology.com, are "wanderers" and "truth-seekers." Additionally, the website mentions that Sagittarius is philosophical and spends much time reflecting inward, "What Sagittarius wants most is to understand the meaning of life while feeling free and easy."

Rose has shown herself to be intelligent, and her breakup with Big Ed signaled her need for independence. Since then, she has consistently surrounded herself with the people and passions that satisfy her and have never been stuck in an unhappy relationship.

Although Rose and Big Ed were one of the least compatible 90-Day couples, she now appears smitten with her new boyfriend, an Australian real estate mogul named Greg Scherwinski. Ray White, a company renowned for its real estate services in Mordialloc, is owned by Greg.

Greg has sold more than $100 million of property throughout his exemplary career, according to his company's website. Most importantly, Greg seems to embrace Rose's culture and family, unlike Big Ed, and the couple seems very happy together.

Neither Rose's early life nor her relationship with Big Ed was easy. She has clearly worked extremely hard for her success, and fans believe she is one of the 90 Day stars who deserve more.

Rose graduated from a university in the Philippines with a degree in Fashion & Arts, according to Celebrity Shine. Her fashion aspirations developed while she was still in school, and they have blossomed into a flourishing career. While attending university, Rose only dreamed of being able to work in the industry.

Rose has a special relationship with her father, Freddie. She has grown particularly close to her dad since the death of her mother three years ago. Freddie, a pig farmer from Caloocan, Philippians, lives in his newly remodeled home with his daughter and grandson, and the family frequently goes on adventures together.

He is a regular guest on his reality star daughter's Instagram page, and he was recently seen at a pool with her. In an Instagram caption, Rose called her father "my best man in the world." Freddie has clearly taught Rose a thing or two about parenting, as her bond with Prince is equally adorable.