title icon'90 Day Fiancé' spoilers: Thais Ramone's mother knows Patrick Mendes won't marry her son

Thailand Ramone and Patrick Mendes met each other's parents in 90 Day Fiancé. As his mother suffers from lung cancer, Patrick wanted her to meet Thais. She's happy when she meets her, even though she can't make it to the wedding. However, there are some moments she can't escape. Patrick's family gets married and divorces a lot. As his mother told the cameras, he had been married four times, and Patrick had been married once.

As Thais answers her mother's questions, it doesn't seem as if she is confident about the marriage taking place. His mother is very worried that the marriage may not work out. Their wedding is next week and they are getting married in Orlando. They decided to get married there while Patrick's family was on vacation, so it was a great idea. This couple has been under a lot of tension, and Patrick's mom can sense that something is wrong.

I am just in survival mode now," Patrick says to the cameras. He did want to discuss possible children with Thais, and that's when things got very tense. The granddaughters would be raised in the states, not Brazil. Then she feels that Patrick's family is telling her how to live and that she has no voice in any of this. Thais' mother told reporters that she thinks Patrick is confused and that she thinks they must marry to avoid problems.

There is no telling what Thais will do next and she still seems uneasy about marrying Patrick. I'm interested in seeing what happens next with these two. When Thais is married to Patrick, will she return to Brazil to be with her father? Take a look at 90-Day Fiance.

source: dailysoapdish