title iconA fake or borrowed piece of jewelry is worn by Kim Kardashian

Despite having access to any luxury she desires, Kim Kardashian wears borrowed or fake jewelry. She even rejects gifts from the world's most renowned jewelers, which explains her dislike of owning expensive jewelry.

Things in her life started to shift after the celebrity was held up at gunpoint in a hotel room during the 2016 Paris heist. The five robbers broke into the American television star's bedroom while she was sleeping and bound and gagged her by putting her in the bathtub while pointing a gun at her.

Over ten million dollars worth of items were stolen, including her priceless diamond engagement ring worth over four million dollars. Ever since that ominous incident, Kim Kardashian avoids keeping anything valuable near the safe in her home.

He claims no remorse for the robbery in which Kardashian was restrained and gagged at gunpoint, according to Yunis Abbas, one of the 12 older men who were detained for the robbery. My job was to collect the money she threw out, the preparator continued.

When it comes to people who cannot afford it, they should be a little less ostentatious, said Abbas. For a year after the incident, Kardashian said she would have "half a dozen" guards stationed at her house all the time, according to David Letterman.

It was alleged in 2021 that Kim Kardashian was so traumatized that she could no longer store jewelry at home, not even in a safe. Her home is "never filled with expensive stuff" and all jewelry she wears is borrowed or fake.