title iconA Fox interview with me about veterans health care was 'refused.' Jon Stewart

As Jon Stewart stated in an interview with Fox News on Thursday evening, the broadcaster refused to book the journalist for an interview on the issue of Republican senators voting down legislation on Wednesday that would have expanded health care benefits for veterans who became sick from toxins while serving.

The information is kept in a silo where it cannot be shared. I was lucky enough to have managed to get a hold of Newsmax this morning and go on the site. "That might be the first mention of it that these viewers have ever heard about," Stewart told MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan during his interview with Stewart.

The Fox News network refused to put me on their show all day, even though I had a lot to say. The former host of The Daily Show made his presence known on multiple fronts on Thursday, as he repeatedly asked them to get on the air so that we could finally bring some accountability to these senators."

With his presence on different levels, the former host of The Daily Show made his presence known on several fronts. Fox News did not immediately respond to a request for comment when Stewart spoke of Republicans outside the Senate, in which he asked, "How are these people human?" Stewart sounded irate when he asked the question.

Source: thedailybeast