title iconA glimpse into why Miles Teller's wife Keleigh cried during the Taylor Swift music video shoot

This adorable moment played out behind the scenes in Taylor Swift's music video is still fresh in Miles Teller's mind. During the production of Taylor's 2021 single, "I Bet You Think About Me," Edgerton's wife Keleigh Sperry became teary-eyed for an extremely relatable reason while they filmed the music video. Taylor told Keleigh at the eBay Vault Stars event in Los Angeles on July 15 that he played the ‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version)’ for Keleigh during the shooting of the music video. "Keleigh was just looking at Taylor's wedding dress and Taylor and I dancing while she was listening to 'All Too Well,' the new song, and she was just gushing." 

Although the actor considers "I Bet You Think About Me" to be his favorite Taylor song, he noted that Keleigh plays the singer's discography often, adding, "In my house, we play Taylor all the time."  According to Miles, Bob Seger and Michael Jackson can both get him on the floor, as recorded by plenty of videos. "I feel like Bob Seger can get me on the floor in the same way that Michael Jackson can," he said. During the film's beach football scene, where he appeared shirtless and shook his shoulders, the actor also shared his thoughts. In essence, the message is don't take yourself too seriously, which is what Miles said, as that's a dance move he and his buddies have done. It was so awesome that there was just a little bit of goofiness, in all of the machismo and everything that was happening in that scene.

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As Miles revealed, he almost did not sign on to star in the film that has already become the highest grosser of the year. Now that I look back, I think I was very foolish for doing that, but that was my mindset at the time. I just didn't know if I wanted to be a part of this huge thing I knew would change my life."  Miles says he decided to join the cast because of Tom Cruise. "The script I got was not in the best shape," he says. "I feel blessed that he invited me into that world." Although I am implying I would like to remake it, he said, "I believe it is a great movie." "I think it is a good movie." A lot of kids bond with their dads through a father-son relationship.

Even though I was fortunate—my dad and I had a lot to talk about—having a catch is still therapeutic for me. It is like walking on the beach for me." The former second baseman, along with MLB Network's Alanna Rizzo, was a part of eBay's first-ever Vault Stars trading card draft to celebrate the launch of eBay's Vault.   He said that he is very excited about the partnership, and especially about what cards he will get to choose. "I've collected baseball cards for my entire life," he said. "Some of these cards are 75 years old. It's a piece of history that's dear to my heart as a lifetime baseball fan. It's an artifact. It's a relic." As a result, he is pleased that eBay now offers a safer way to get more sought-after cards.   "When I was young, it was the more wild and wild west in terms of buying and collecting.

With eBay, which has always provided 100% customer satisfaction, you feel protected and safe," Miles said. Everything comes through the Vault now, so you don't have to worry about your card getting damaged during shipping. There is a lot of trust involved with some of these cards, as some of them are extremely valuable and rare." It is also worth mentioning that Miles has revealed he is ready to put his acting career on hold to join the Philadelphia Phillies as their new star hitter. I would tell them, "See you later acting," if they told me, "Miles, you need to take two years off acting but you get to play second base for the Phillies for two years."