title iconA heartbreaking post by Isabel Roloff about Mateo, 7 months, 'growing up' leaves viewers in tears

An image of Mateo wearing a wool onesie was shared by the former LPBW star in black-and-white. Rather than focusing on the toddler's face, the camera focused on how he was closing his hand. As I know you will be grown up a little older one day, and these little moments will just be a memory from your childhood when you are grown up.

The day will come when you won't need me in the same way. Even when I'm overstimulated, tired in the mornings, tired and worn out, I know this in my mind..."The greatest privilege of my life has been watching you grow, and I don't want to miss a thing."

After reading the emotional post, fans flocked to the comments section. Her husband, 25-year-old Jacob Roloff, shares Mateo, born in December 2021.As Jacob mocked Jacob's net worth online - the total wealth and assets of an individual - in the sad post.

A father-of-one tweeted recently, "Uh, oh! People are once again searching for my net worth."."I have $700,000 somewhere. I work just for vibes." According to Jacob, "This was a f**king no-brainer. A lot of laughs." Matt Roloff announced in May that the family's famous Roloff Farms would be sold.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Matt asks for about $4 million for the sale of the "original family home and bright red barn."While Jacob has been dealing with some fans, his wife has been sharing photos of how she has been adjusting to motherhood.

As she expressed gratitude to her supporters, she clapped back at those who have not been supportive. Isabel posted a selfie from her car, writing: "Fat shaming anymore? In 2022? Get a hobby. A post she shared about postpartum women's bodies prompted her rant.

As she opened up about her insecurities, Isabel revealed her post-baby tummy. A candid photo of her revealed the scars she developed from pregnancy. As Mateo's face was hidden in an intimate image with his hubby and baby boy, only his clothing, hands, and feet were visible. It would seem that Mateo was hiding his face for some reason.

As Isabel captioned her post, "Seven months of you? Didn't I just find out I was pregnant but haven't you always been here?" she added a red heart emoji. Her post-pregnancy stomach stretch marks were visible in the second photo.