title iconA lavish estate wedding is held between J Lo and Ben

The 'Good Will Hunting' star and Jennifer Lopez wed again on Saturday night, in a lavish ceremony at Ben Affleck's estate, reported US media. Affleck and Toby have already tied the knot at Affleck's 87-acre waterfront compound in the southeastern US state of Georgia in mid-July, but have made it official once again in front of friends and family at Affleck's 87-acre waterfront compound.

There were several Hollywood types in attendance at the three-day event, including Affleck pal Matt Damon and director Kevin Smith, according to another source. According to Fox News, the guests wore all-white dresses, while Lopez wore an Italian-made Ralph Lauren dress that she wore during the party.

Celebrity gossip site another source published images ahead of the wedding showing dining seating being arranged on what appeared to be a large covered dock, alongside a large barge for pyrotechnics that was hovering nearby. It was on the set of the widely panned movie "Gigli" in 2002 that the couple -- he is 50 years old and she is 53 years old -- first met.

As they dated and postponed their planned 2003 nuptials, they became media sensations as they became a media sensation when they announced their breakup in the early months of 2004. Last year, when photos of the couple together for the first time in two years began to circulate on the internet, "Bennifer" - the couple's public nickname from their first highly publicized relationship - set the internet on fire.

It was announced in April that Lopez and Affleck were engaged. The US media reported that Lopez's ring, an emerald-cut pale green diamond, was an emotional video she posted in her newsletter, "On The JLo."

Lopez and Affleck are married for the second time. An interview with People in February discussed Lopez's renewed relationship with Affleck. Our second chance to fall in love is a beautiful story," she said.