title iconAffleck and Lopez separate just three weeks after getting married

Their relationship will benefit from it, according to both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have decided to spend less time together after spending their honeymoon with their family just a few days ago. Their relationship will benefit from this move, in the long run, they believed.

After enjoying a honeymoon in Europe, the actors decided to separate a few days later. Despite what you might think, according to the media and the couple, the decision is taken so that the magic between them does not fade.

Both parties benefit from this arrangement to miss each other more, JLo and Affleck distance themselves because both of their professions require them to spend time apart.

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Since they don't want to sacrifice their careers for love, they believe putting some distance between them is the best option. They will both be able to make more money while improving their relationship at the same time.

Every time they're apart working, they talk, text, and FaceTime. It makes getting back together that much better. JLo loves that she knows her husband will be there for her whatever happens, a source close to the couple said. Nevertheless, he said: Being separated so soon after their wedding is not ideal. But they are enjoying every minute of the journey.