title iconAfter 'AGT' contestant Nolan Neal dies suddenly, his daughter asks for donations

The daughter of "America's Got Talent" alum Nolan Neal is seeking help paying for funeral expenses after her father died suddenly Monday without leaving any money whatsoever.”On Wednesday, Caylin Cate set up a GoFundMe account titled "Nolan Neal Funeral Expenses" to raise money for her father's funeral expenses."As you may have heard, my Dad passed away suddenly," Cate wrote in the page's description. Neither life insurance nor money was available to him. In addition to covering funeral costs, she is asking for donations so her son and his family can attend the service.

Finally, the Tennessee resident concluded, "If you want to help in any way, please donate here.". It means so much to us that our community has come together to help. Police previously confirmed to Page Six that Neal, whose full name was Nolan Neal Seals, had been found dead in an apartment in Nashville on Monday. 41 was his age. I am Mr. A public information officer told us the next day that Seals was located in the upstairs roommate's bedroom in the downstairs apartment, and that, next to the singer's bed, was a "black guitar pick containing powder residue." He struggled with substance abuse for years while competing on both "AGT" and "The Voice."

While appearing on local NBC news program WBIR in July 2020, he opened up about it publicly." I remember going to rehab on May 15, 2010, when I got clean. During that time, he shared that he had remained clean. "I joined the rock band Hinder because they were all about drinking and partying." Although Neal said he tried to "be normal" and "fit in," he did not blame his drinking habits on his band. The last time I went to a bar and ordered a drink was a long time ago," he said. It was hard for me to hide it. There was a time when I pretended to be normal. "I was just lying to myself and telling myself that I could control it." It can take eight weeks for autopsy results to be released from the medical examiner's office in Nashville for Neal's cause of death to be confirmed.

Cate's fans and friends have already begun donating money as she seeks donations. In the comments section of the GoFundMe, one person wrote, "My heart goes out to Caylin and Nolan's family.". I was devastated to hear that he had passed away. Nolan's story was so inspiring when I first saw it on 'AGT.' Though I haven't tried it out yet, I hope eventually I will find the courage to do so. In honor of Nolan." Nolan's talent was something only God could bestow," a former colleague said. I extend my deepest condolences to Nolan's family. Several of my songs were produced by him, and some have yet to be released. I received a text from him last week encouraging me to promote them. There was a good soul in him."