title icon'America's Got Talent contestant Amanda Mammana conquers speech impediments by singing an original song

Singer Amanda Mammana told the judges about her speech impediment before auditioning for America's Got Talent. As you can probably tell, I have a speech impediment. As a result, I became shy away and hid, but when I sing, I don't stutter." In addition to performing one of her original songs, the 19-year-old Connecticut resident also sang a cover song. It's just about some hard times," said Mammana, "and if I could go back and change those things, I wouldn't because they made me who I am."

As a result of Mammana's performance, all four judges, as well as the studio audience, gave her a standing ovation, which made her cry. When Judge Mandel noticed Mammana crying, he asked her what she was feeling. Mammana shared that as a child, he thought he would never be able to do anything like this. A member of the audience shouted to Mammana, "You are good enough.". Mammana replied, "I'm not good enough."

Mandel continued, "Good enough doesn't explain what we just heard. It's not just good. I like it. Look at you moving this audience, and I believe you are moving millions at home, right now. I just want to say thanks."I really love your voice," Heidi Klum said. I want to see more of the fire inside of you." Sof*a Vergara responded, "I thought that was so authentic.". Congratulations on following your heart." The singer's vocals and songwriting ability were also praised by Simon Cowell. You have a beautiful, pure voice, and you are a good songwriter," Cowell said. My opinion of you is that you are an incredible person

Mammana, who is currently a student at Liberty University majoring in music production, grew up in Trumbull, Connecticut, and first developed the speech impediment at the age of 10. On her site, the singer writes, "I was once a very outgoing kid, but I became very shy and insecure.". She then writes, "I picked up the guitar as a way to escape and singing a couple of months later. My safe place became music.” Mammana started singing covers before writing her songs and has released three singles, including "Prove You Wrong" in 2021, "Bigger Man" in 2022, and "Worth the Waiting" in 2023. The singer said on her website that she turned her pain into something beautiful. I was inspired to write songs about the human condition because of the struggles I went through."