title iconAn Inspirational Trailer for Welcome to Wrexham by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

In the trailer for Welcome to Wrexham, a docuseries premiering on FX on August 24, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney become owners of Wrexham A.F.C.The series follows two Hollywood mega-stars journey to turn the Red Dragons into a contender after they bought the team back in 2020. Ryan explains that the journey isn't always smooth sailing. "I think the biggest challenge is the community wondering what the f-CK these two guys are doing."We had no direct connection to the team," Ryan says in response to a young fan's question at an introductory press conference. There was just a feeling."

A merrily spry Wrexham fan counters back, "Well, what I and my dad thought was that since Wrexham has red and Deadpool has red...," to which Ryan cuts him off and jokes, "That's the real reason."The trailer shows how important the team is to the town, which has about 65,000 residents and is located in Wales." Wrexham is a town that is constantly at odds with itself," says one fan, "but what we love is the football club."According to another fan, "Football's more than a game. It's not life and death.

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