title iconAnother man is also accused of murder in a firefighter husband's execution death in Indiana

As the Evansville Police Department announces, the widow of a firefighter who was executed in his driveway three years ago has been charged with murder in his death, Evansville Police said Thursday. As of last week, Elizabeth Fox-Doerr, 50, has been in jail since July in connection with a charge of perjury and has just been charged with murder.

The investigation has also turned up the arrest of another person who has long been a suspect in the case, 41-year-old Evansville resident Larry Ali Richmond Sr., who has also been charged with murder. There have been charges of federal gun possession against him since he was arrested in 2019.

After coming home from a 12-hour shift on February 26, 2019, Robert Doerr, who was a firefighter for almost 30 years in Evansville, Indiana, was shot three times and killed by his family members.  

At a press conference held Thursday, Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin called Robby's senseless, selfish act "a senseless, selfish act that will leave a void in his family, friends, and co-workers forever." Bolin said in a statement. There is a chance that today is the first step towards seeing justice served to Robbie for his mistreatment."

The Evansville Police Department's Blake Keen reported in 2020 that Richmond was "in a relationship with the Doerr family at the time of Robert's execution," and he is still in touch with them today.  

It has been reported by an inmate who was stored with Richmond that the suspect confessed to the murder in jail, and also that he was seeing Elizabeth Fox-Doerr, as per an affidavit obtained by WEHT, saying he was having an affair with her.

Affidavits also state that Fox-Doerr, just before the murder, took a five-minute call from Richmond on his telephone and discussed his condition with him for five minutes, but later deleted the records of the call from her phone to keep investigators from believing she had an affair with Richmond.

Chief Mike Larson, the Evansville Fire Department's chief, said Thursday that the community finally has "some closure" regarding the death of Doerr after he died two weeks ago.

According to Larson during a press conference on Monday, "The citizens of Evansville have lost a firefighter who went above and beyond the call of duty on several occasions to save lives and property."

However, perhaps the most important thing about this person is that he was a son, a brother, a father, and a grandfather. For the perjury charge against Fox-Doerr, she is currently being held under a $50,000 bond. The exact status of her or Richmond's attorneys was not immediately clear and it was unclear whether they could speak on their behalf or not.