title icon'Aquaman 2' Will Reunite Ben Affleck as Batman, says Jason Momoa

The moment you thought that he had escaped, they pulled him back in just as you had thought he had, just as you had thought he had. We can now confirm that Ben Affleck won't be hanging up his cape anytime soon, folks. The news about Ben Affleck returning as Batman was broken by Jason Momoa (aka Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman) on his Instagram account with a picture of the two DC superheroes together.

We have reunited. The two of them. Bruce & Arthur. Momoa captioned the pictures with a message that said, "I love you and miss you, Ben.". A few weeks ago, Momoa posted an Instagram story where she shared a story about when a tour bus from Warner Bros accidentally crashed onto the set of Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom.

"Well, it is not a secret anymore, is it? It isn't a big secret anymore, is it?” says Momoa while laughing as he points to the packed tour cart. Then, Momoa walks toward a trailer whose door is inscribed with the initials "B.A." on the door. I was very surprised to see Mr. Affleck's face when he walked into the room in all his glory.

The question of how big a role Affleck’s caped It is still unclear what role the Caped Crusader will play in the Aquaman sequel, but the news that the actor himself will be returning to the role of Batman comes as a shock since he announced during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2019 that his reign as Batman would be coming to an end.

Source: thedailybeast