title iconAs backlash continues over Instagram updates, Trevor Noah swipes at them

The Instagram debate gets a boost from Trevor Noah. " The Daily Show" host said on Wednesday: "Everything is an ad, and your feed is full of people you don't follow." This is so confusing. I'm scrolling, and I start reading someone's post, and I'm like, "Do I know this person?"?" Would I have to attend that wedding?"

But then you see, "Because you follow your friend, we thought you'd enjoy this post from a stranger." No, I don't!” The royal family of Instagram stepped into the fray," Noah joked. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian urged Instagram to revert to its original format.

That's right people, you thought Instagram was just for pictures of your friends, so look out!” Noah spoke after showing a video of Instagram head Adam Mosseri defending the updates on Twitter. I'm sure you will be begging to see brunch pics now that you are no longer b**ching about them!

Noah pointed out that algorithms are primarily about engagement, which is why he's worried Instagram wants to get into the algorithm game. Only things that make you angry, sad, and horny are fed to you." This all occurs within just a few posts, which is a problem. He went on to describe the experience as an emotional rollercoaster.

Source: etcanada