title iconAs Li confronts Steffy, Ridge expresses his feelings about the selfie

As Naomi Matsuda celebrates one year on the CBS soap and contemplates her future as Li, the ride has been one hell of a bumpy one.

As Naomi Matsuda celebrates one year on the CBS soap and contemplates her future as Li, the ride has been one hell of a bumpy one. There's something big about to happen between Finn's adoptive mom and Steffy, which could cause Finn's marriage to collapse once again.

With a shocking twist, Bold & Beautiful turned what was to be a temporary recast into a permanent one with newcomer Django Ferri! (ex-Beverly) and Joe LoCicero (ex-Vinny) are expecting their first child together, but they may want to consult Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and Kelly Kruger (ex-Eva) before taking on the responsibilities of parenthood! The most memorable moments from Rena Sofer's daughter's 17th birthday are captured in these photos.

Reading Richard's column this week, it seems he got caught up in the romance of Steffy and Finn's reunion. However, he also has some harsh words for Ridge, whom he calls a hypocrite who needs to fill as many seats as possible!

During last week's episode, Finn was reunited with Steffy, Kelly, and Hayes in Monaco as Taylor and Ridge looked on in delight. Upon seeing Hope's latest social media post - a smiling selfie of herself with Brooke and Deacon - Ridge and Taylor shared an impromptu kiss on a scenic overlook. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Brooke read Hope the riot act for posting the photo.

A panicked Deacon hid Sheila from Deputy Chief Baker before telling her to leave when she showed up at his door. Following Deacon's impromptu visit, Brooke found herself hosting Taylor in her living room after returning from Carter's loft, where he and Quinn reveled in their love.

There is one thing NBC can do to calm panicked fans down after NBC announced Days of Our Lives would stream solely on Peacock starting in September. We're here to help you set up so you don't miss a thing when the show moves! Gabi and Ava are playing nice(ish) after Jake's death, but Stefan's rebirth could change everything! Sarah may be innocent of Abigail's murder, but she and Xander still have a few hurdles (named Gwen and Rex) to overcome. Despite Lani and Eli's departure, the show could be set up for an unexpected super couple to take their place.

Earlier this month, Linsey Godfrey celebrated her birthday with some amazing pictures! Despite Jake and Stefan going the way we expected, Curtis is still hopeful that there will be a few surprises. Watching Xander and Sarah play detective checked all the boxes the show had been missing! Shawn had to give the baby to Evan after finding out the results of the paternity test. Jan took the boy, kicked Evan into the water, and left town before Evan could start a new life. As Sarah was under hypnosis, she remembered she was with Rex the night Abigail was murdered. She and Xander searched Gwen's motel room for a mask, which they found, but it ended up back with her.

Kristen learned that Stefan's body has been alive for all this time and Jake's heart is all it needs. Ava's marriage certificate was fast-tracked by Gabi, and EJ invited Ava to move in. Alex spied on Sonny for Victor, and Lucas kidnapped Sami to prove his innocence. In celebration of Rebecca Herbst's 25th anniversary as General Hospital's Liz, fans demanded more screen time for their favorite character. The tone-deaf way the show promoted Liz/Finn's latest twist left viewers fuming just in time for her big day! Spencer and Trina's chances could be tanked if Esme is dead after jumping over the parapet in "Spring"!

If Esme returns with another "dead" troublemaker, Port Charles may need to brace itself for a storm of epic proportions! Michael Blake Kruse celebrated his wife Cara, the love of his life, as Rory goes all in with Trina. Take a look back at Kin Shriner's life in Port Charles and reminisce about his strange beginnings as Scotty on his 45th anniversary as the character. In Dustin's General Hospital column, Esme's fall shocked him more than Trina's trial. Willow's news, on the other hand, was exactly what we and everyone else expected. As her trial drew to a close, Trina took the stand in her defense. Trina's testimony landed Spencer back in jail for parole violation. Upon learning Esme slept with Nikolas, Ava and Esme had a violent confrontation.

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Esme fell over the parapet at Wyndemere as they fought, but Nikolas could not find her body. Curtis and TJ's dangerous plan to bring Oz out of his coma was implemented by Portia to prevent Trina from going to prison. Willow may have leukemia. Sasha smashed Sienna's windshield and was arrested after confronting Smoltz and Sienna. Cody finally agreed to a second date with Britt. Get ready, Victor, because you might just be outmaneuvered! Even though Adam has left Newman, he still has career options - and one of them could stick it to his father!OLTL alum Trevor St. John will star on Young & Restless in a mystery role, so we tried to figure out who he might play and who might catch his eye. Despite Doug Davidson's "but," Ashland's murder investigation offers a chance to bring Paul back.

Prepare to laugh your way to tears! Hunter King's hilarious tribute to one of her most important people is hilarious. Even though Drucilla had passed away by the time Nichelle Nichols played Neil's mom, Victoria Rowell paid a touching tribute to the Star Trek icon. Candace can't help feeling Young & Restless is struggling in the wake of Ashland's death in this week's column. It remains to be seen whether the show will go for drama or back off when it comes to Sally and Nick's chemistry.

The Week in Review: Tessa had to keep quiet after surgery on her vocal cords, Noah had to regroup after Victor scuppered his plans for a nightclub in Top of the Tower, and Phyllis had a go at Diane in the park! Red later met with Ashley and Nikki to reconfirm their plot to undermine Kyle's mom after giving Jack a dressing down as well. In the meantime, Diane and Jack began to get closer. Kevin provided evidence that confirmed Chance's suspicions that Ashland's death was more than a car crash. Sally decided to keep the story under wraps... for now... after Victor confirmed the cover-up to an emotional Nick.

It appears we will be getting a new spinoff to the wildly popular romantic epic soon, in addition to Outlander's seventh season! Taking a deeper look at Chesapeake Shores' final season, it appears that summer's end will be full of drama! While we wait for Heartstopper's second season, we can share everything we know about the Netflix hit's sophomore season! This Sunday was Sister's Day, so what better way to celebrate than with photos of your favorite soap actors with their real-life sisters? After you caught up on last week's events, here's a glimpse of what's next!

As seen in this week's preview, Xander pulls an Eric of a sort, but it's for a good cause: proving Sarah's innocence. Watch out, because Adam's about to receive an offer he wouldn't be able to refuse on The Young and the Restless' weekly preview! After learning that Bold & Beautiful's Sheila is dead, the Forresters are shocked. Their skepticism is similar to ours. Let's be honest... who believes that Finn's mother is dead?