title iconAstrologers' top eccentric zodiac signs

Some people embrace their eccentricities, whether it's eating only green foods or wearing a feather boa every day. They embrace life's quirks and don't let society dictate how they should act. Astrology may hold the answer to why some people are more free-spirited than others. From a bit odd out there, hear from professional astrologers about which signs are the most eccentric.


Cancers aren't deliberately quirky, they're just born that way. Water signs are emotional, and it's hard for people around them to understand what they're thinking because they don't like to talk about their feelings. Bess Matassa, an astrologer and yoga instructor at YogaRenew Teacher Training, describes Cancer as a "little mermaid" who longs deeply to belong but retreats into its "conch shell" for safety. If you accept them, Cancers will be loyal to you and your family. The more closed off you are, the more likely they are to do things their way.


Their loved ones can judge Virgos as obsessive and overly analytical because they like things their way. Because Virgos are so inquisitive, they enjoy unraveling inventive ideas, and they appreciate the eccentricities of others. According to Matassa, Virgos are "self-possessed creatures with an integral inner code."


Water signs are optimistic and want to make their friends happy, so their personalities change depending on who they spend time with. According to Spiritual Discovery astrologer Linda Berry, Pisceans go to incredible lengths to make and keep friends. As a result of their tendency to soak up other people's energy, Pisces tend to "take on the feelings and emotions of others, which crosses personal boundaries," she explains.


Sagittarius is unpredictable and can change their mind constantly, resulting in outlandish behavior. A luscious life without linear limits results from its intrinsically unmeasured quality, according to Matassa. Berry describes Sagittarius as "smug and arrogant at times," a sign ruled by Jupiter, which encourages them to over-express their emotions to the extreme. Their up-in-the-air reactions can easily confuse friends and family.


They don't care if anyone judges their passionate actions because they are magnetic and sexual. This unconventional sign is described by Matassa as "wild and raw," but their secretive nature makes them fascinating since you never know what they're thinking.

A Scorpio is also lucky, so they don't mind taking chances most signs would steadfastly avoid. Despite injuries and emotional trauma, Scorpios "heal quickly and can tolerate a great deal of pain," Berry says.


The head of an Aquarian is always in the clouds. These revolutionaries can get carried away with lecturing about their social causes. As Berry notes, Aquarians tend to be zany types who seem downright crazy, so the line between genius and madness is thin. Because they "process information faster than most," this water sign loves to spend hours at home researching their favorite topics.

Berry describes this obsession as "unconventional, rebellious, individualistic, inventive, and non-conforming." Aquarians often feel misunderstood and retreat to their studies, even though they are often right. As she warns, "they can be so brilliant that their ideas are not proven true until they are old or dead." Examples include Lincoln, Edison, and Mozart.