title icon Cryptic Instagram post from the girlfriend of 'American Idol' star Noah Thompson amid breakup rumors

Hearings that Noah dated HunterGirl were previously shut down by Noah. Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon reportedly broke up in May, and he began dating Idol runner-up HunterGirl after winning American Idol. There is speculation that Angel may now speak out about the situation in her way, despite Noah's efforts to stop the gossip.

Two Instagram photos of Angel, who is the mother of Noah and Angel's infant son Walker, were posted on July 8. Her jeans back are covered in colorful wildflowers, even though she doesn't show her face in the photos. She described the props as symbols of a struggle she was facing in her caption.“The most beautiful flowers grow from the darkest times,” she wrote alongside the snaps.

In the comments section of Angel's Instagram post, her followers left heartfelt and encouraging messages. One person said, in part, "Everything you and Noah have done for your son is truly amazing." Your son has a beautiful future ahead because of all you did raising him by yourself."

Angel replied: "Wow, you cannot imagine how grateful I am." "I'm so grateful for everything you have done." Noah and Angel appeared to unfollow each other on social media after Noah won the ABC competition show.

In July, Noah released a country version of Rihanna's R&B ballad "Stay." The cover was the result of a slightly shaky duet that threatened to throw him out of Hollywood Week. Noah revealed to American Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie what inspired his choice before presenting his unique rendition.

As he explained, "This isn't the type of song I normally sing, but it reminds me of being home because I used to sing it with Angel." Noah didn't include this story in his studio recording teaser. On July 29th, "Stay" will be released.