title iconDarin Brooks and Kelly Kruger Answer an Age-Old Question: ‘How Can They Forget a Kid?’

On The Bold & the Beautiful, Wyatt has been showing up more lately, but we're still waiting for him to return front and center with something other than What has Darin Brooks been up to while Wyatt's been away? He just debuted his new AppleTV+ show, Amber Brown, at the end of July.

He's also entertaining his family while they're here right now, the Hawaii native reveals! Various "philosophical" debates have ensued - such as whether Home Alone is a real-life warning, rather than a fictional comedy!

Kelly Kruger shared the amusing exchange on her Instagram story as she, her husband, and the kids left for whatever adventure lay ahead. In the end, it was a chore just to get into the car. In addition to Brooks' family visiting, Kruger noted, getting the couple's two children out of the house can be quite stressful.

Upon watching Home Alone for the first time, she confessed, "I had no idea how on earth they could have forgotten a kid." That is until I became a mom and tried to leave the house at a certain time. Our departure time was supposed to be 9:30, but it is now 10:30. I now understand how it is possible to forget one of your kids when you have that many children."

While Brooks was driving, he simply had to shout, “But we didn't forget a kid! ”Thanks to the fact that two happy kids sat contentedly in their car seats in the back, that much was clear. It would be a different story if mom and dad were unaware that one of them was missing when they recorded this video. According to Kruger, the first time she saw the film, "I was like how can they forget a kid?" "This is such an unrealistic movie.

We didn’t forget anyone,” Kruger reiterated, “but we had to remember sunscreen, hats, food, and all the people in our house right now. She isn't the only one! A surprising 92% of people said “Yes!” in her unofficial poll asking if others felt the same” Those who find themselves reenacting Home Alone are not alone.