title iconDay of Our Lives: Tripp's failed attempts at love

As time passes, "Days of Our Lives" fans have grown to love Tripp Dalton Johnson. The first time Tripp visited Salem was in 2017, a year after Ava Vitali revealed to her former love Steve Johnson that they had conceived a child together decades earlier. When Ava and Steve went looking for their child, they were told that he had died.

Steve eventually tracked down Tripp after finding out that Ava was alive after she was presumed dead. The rest of Tripp's family gathered in Salem to meet him and his father. His biological mother, however, raised many questions for him. As Tripp's half-brother Joey Johnson was believed to have killed Ava, the Johnson family was reluctant to answer those questions.

According to Soaps in Depth, he struggled in Salem but eventually cleaned up his act and became a doctor. A bond was formed between the mother and son when Ava returned to Salem alive. The NBC soap opera's Tripp stole the spotlight many times before 2022 with his failed attempts to find love before he left Salem.

Within a short time of moving to Salem, "Days of Our Lives" viewers saw Tripp Dalton strike up friendships with many other young characters. Theo Carver and Claire Brady even moved in with him, according to Soap Hub. Theo and Claire were dating at the time. 

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The fact that Tripp had feelings for Claire did not deter him from developing them quickly. His love was eventually confessed, but his heart was broken when he discovered that it was unrequited. Tripp grew close to Claire's aunt, Ciara Brady, after moving in with her after moving past his crush.

As trips and Ciara dated, Ben Weston moved in with them, which led to problems. As a result of his jealousy, Tripp lost control. He plotted to frame Ben for arson because he did not like Ben, a reformed serial killer. Ciara was furious when Tripp's scheme was exposed. Ciara began dating Ben after the couple broke up.

Soap Opera Spy reports that they fell in love, got married, and welcomed their son Bo in 2022. Tripp Dalton finally got his chance with Claire Brady after he and Ciara Brady ended their relationship. Claire and Tripp began dating, but things became complicated when Tripp met Haley Chen, a nurse he worked with at Salem University Hospital.

Haley was also JJ Deveraux's girlfriend. According to Soaps in Depth, Tripp volunteered to marry her after discovering she was undocumented and wanted to stay in the country. The couple faked a relationship so that immigration wouldn't catch them.

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The entire time, Claire was insanely jealous. Eventually, she even recorded Tripp discussing the marriage scheme so that she could expose it. By starting a fire at the cabin where Tripp and Haley were staying, Claire began to show signs of mental illness and even attempted to kill them.

Claire went to a mental hospital for treatment following those events, which ultimately led to Tripp and Claire's breakup. After splitting up with Allie Horton, Tripp Dalton moved on to a new relationship. When Allie accused him of rape, their relationship took a bad turn. According to Soaps Spoilers, the two became close once it was revealed that Tripp wasn't Allie's attacker.

According to Soaps, Tripp was devastated when she found out Allie had cheated on him with Chanel Dupree, a close friend. Allie and Tripp split up, but Tripp still had feelings for her. Tripp saved Allie from the devil after she was possessed by the devil. He did this by inviting the devil into himself and jumping out of a window.

Despite Tripp's injuries, Bo Brady's spirit brought him back to life, according to Soap Opera Spy. The actor moved to Seattle with his siblings Joey and Stephanie Johnson, where he appeared on a spinoff series of Days of Our Lives called Beyond Salem.