title iconDeacon Phillippe takes after mom Reese Witherspoon in a sweet way, says Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is almost as infatuated with Reese Witherspoon's son as she is with her own.

Netflix's Never Have I Ever will feature Deacon Phillippe in his first on-screen role in season three, and its co-creator gushed about the role.  Oh my god, he's so good in this show," Kaling said at the premiere of the show on August 11, 2014, which was held in Los Angeles. 

The thing about him is that he has the same charm as Reese, which is an authentic warmth and a well-groomed feeling. "  Everyone in the crew and cast, no matter what position they are playing, just wants to learn from everyone so that he can improve. It's great to have someone so polite and so funny, therefore, when we have him on the show I can't wait for people to see him.

Philippe is not the only handsome new face who is slated to appear on the show in the near future. Devi's new love interest Des is played by Anirudh Pisharody, who is the son of Witherspoon's ex-husband Ryan Phillippe who plays the debate partner of the young actress's father Ryan Phillippe.

It's a little bit of a love triangle with Anirudh Pisharody," Kaling said. He is such a great actor and such a gorgeous guy. Fans are going to have to wait until season three has been released to find out whether they're Team Paxton, Team Ben, or Team Des, but Kaling teased fans that they can expect another hilarious season full of laughs when the show returns on August 12.

The show's humor and a message about family make me nod my head with pleasure,'' the 43-year-old said. In this season, we will not only get to see this incredible cast, but we will also get to see Maitreyi's performance, which is absolutely amazing. They're also some really good-looking guys too.

She said it is too early to tell whether her own children, Katherine, 4 years old, and Spencer, almost 2 years old, will follow in her entertainment footsteps, though Katherine shares her love of beauty.

In Kaling's words, when I get dressed up, she gets a little excited and starstruck because she knows that I am a celebrity. It's nice because she always wants to take a picture with me when I am all dressed up, so that's why she's into girly stuff, which is great.