title iconDuring Amber Heard's trial, she attempted to raise Johnny Depp's alleged erectile dysfunction

Johnny Depp and his ex Amber Heard were involved in a defamation trial over the weekend, and 6,000 pages of legal documents were made public over the weekend. The actor won due to an article she wrote in 2018 about domestic violence, which presented her as a victim.

Though it may seem unbelievable, both parties could have ended up with much more sensational results if they had each been successful in getting all the evidence they presented accepted.

Johnny Depp allegedly suffered from erectile dysfunction, which had infuriated him and caused him to vent his anger against the actress, especially after drinking the night before.“Although Mr. Depp prefers to keep his erectile dysfunction a secret, it is relevant to the context of sexual violence, including Mr. Depp’s angry behavior and the use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard.

It was due to this problem that Amber's legal team claimed her husband assaulted his then-wife by piercing her with a bottle of liquor. As Amber recounted her romantic relationship mistreatment during the trial, this accusation was heard. The interpreter's defense objected to the use of some nude photographs of Amber taken during her stage as an exotic dancer, which they considered "incendiary and irrelevant" and intended only to suggest that she was an escort.