title iconEmily's dishonesty should enrage Kobe from 90 Day Fiancé

The 90-Day Fiancé star Emily Bieberly has a difficult time trusting Kobe Blaise's intentions, but it seems that she is the one with the most double standards.

Emily Bieberly's dishonesty about their second pregnancy angered 90 Day Fiancé star Kobe Blaise, and many fans think he's right to be upset. When they were in China, Kobe and Emily met. It didn't take long for them to become smitten. Within a short period, Emily became pregnant, Kobe proposed, and she returned to the States. Due to the pandemic, Emily ended up giving birth to their son while Kobe was still in his home country.

Kobe was very attached to his son, despite the distance. Although they have tried to compromise on parenting principles and relationship principles, they have had a difficult time doing so. Because Emily is a first-time mother, she has been a little overbearing with Kobe, and Kobe has found it difficult to adjust to his new role in America.

Emily found out she was pregnant during the 90 days that she had been hiding from her parents. Kobe became impatient after arguing about honesty and true intentions.

Kobe, who is separated from Emily, speaks about Emily's dishonesty with her parents in the upcoming previews. While Emily and Kobe were living at home, Emily's parents didn't want her to get pregnant again. Due to her parents' financial help, Emily hid the pregnancy from them, since the wedding, and the majority of their living expenses are covered by them.

So as not to raise suspicion, she purchased nonalcoholic beer for their gathering. She's going to great lengths to conceal the pregnancy, but she's questioning Kobe's intentions.

The man of the relationship makes all the major decisions in Kobe's culture, which doesn't sit well with Emily's strong will. Emily has allowed these concerns to ruminate and cause turmoil between her and Kobe even though Kobe has not explicitly expressed them.

A link to one-bedroom apartments in Ohio was sent to Kobe by his friend Temperature, and Emily became distraught at the thought of her family structure crumbling. There have been several arguments between the two due to cultural differences, and Emily seems to lack faith in her partner.

Even if it means sleeping in a separate bed, Kobe has been willing to adjust to America and his role in their relationship. Emily, however, has been more controlled and dishonest with both her parents and Kobe. 90-Day Fiancé Emily purchased an After declaring that the couple could not afford a new mattress, she bought herself an expensive engagement ring.

Since she is currently the primary money maker, she makes most decisions. Kobe couldn't tell anyone about the pregnancy for at least two years, and Emily explicitly said he couldn't tell anyone about the pregnancy.

Even though that wasn't a discussion they had together, Kobe didn't seem to care. Most of the double standards Kobe highlights seem to be swept under the rug by Emily. It appears Emily is more concerned about the possibility of not being in control than about Kobe wanting to control her. Emily reveals her inconsistencies as she complains about 90 Day Fiancé Kobe's true intentions and possible double standards. Kobe appears to be committed to doing what's best for his children and soon-to-be wife, so fans wonder if he will tell Emily's parents the truth in future episodes.