title iconGan-Gan Queen Elizabeth surprised Prince George with a major birthday surprise

Queen Elizabeth's motto for her great-grandchildren appears to be: "Go big or go home." On the occasion of Prince George's ninth birthday, the royal family posted a video on their official Instagram account in honor of the occasion.

As the clip progressed, the Band of the Irish Guards played "Hello, Happy Birthday" on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, which was accompanied by a marching band.

The caption read, "Happy Birthday Prince George.". This morning, the Irish Guards band performed 'Happy Birthday' to HRH Prince George during the ceremony of Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace for the delight of the crowds who had gathered in order to witness the events of that day.

The fact that Prince George got this surprise courtesy of his Gan-Gan (AKA the queen) must have been a very exciting moment for him. In fact, if there has been one person who probably enjoyed the show more, it definitely would have been the prince's brother, Prince Louis.

The birthday tribute of Prince George comes only a few hours after Middleton and Prince William released a new image of the couple on social media. Among the photos taken of the young royal was one he was posing on a beach wearing a light blue collared shirt, smiling at the camera. Middleton moonlights as an amateur photographer in her spare time and reportedly captured the photograph.