title iconGeneral Hospital Alum Shares Breathtaking Photo of Engagement: How Did I Become So Lucky...?

The General Hospital and Another World alum Alicia Leigh Willis (ex-Courtney; Alli) recently announced her engagement to the race car driver, television host, and X-factor contestant Justin Thomas.

Tanner Foust won a gold medal at the Games. Taking the big news from Paris, France, the former ABC soap sweetheart shared the exciting news. A bottle of champagne and the Eiffel Tower lit up the night on Sunday, August 7, as Foust got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. Willis expressed his delight in the extraordinary photo by asking the next day, “So what about last night... How did I get so lucky to spend my life with this incredible man?

Her fiancé expressed that this was the happiest night of her life, saying, "You and both of our girls mean everything to me.".A proud Ant Anstead echoed Jones' "wow" and shared, "Huge congratulations, you guys!" as Ashley Jones (Bridget) simply commented, "Wow!" Stunning, indeed! ”An aircraft appears to have been used to celebrate Foust's birthday last June.

Earlier, they went out on the water in Newport Beach. Willis' birthday dinner was an “amazing dinner,” as the actress explained that she had forgotten to remove her character's wedding ring.”Wishing the couple every happiness for the rest of their lives.