title icon'General Hospital' characters Joss and Dex are rumored to be dating

The character of Joss Jacks has been a part of General Hospital since the beginning. She has been a central character on the show as the daughter of Carly Corinthos and Jax Jacks. As a grown-up, Joss experiences the same angst as her parents. As many of Joss' dramas revolve around her personal life, she may be heading for another change shortly.

As of now, Joss is in a relationship with Cameron Webber at General Hospital. After a sex tape was released, the couple's love life made huge news in Port Charles. Esme Princes is the one who released the tape, but Trina Robinson stands trial for it. The drama of the tape and trial doesn't stop there as Joss discovers her former stepfather is in trouble.

Felty is being roughed up by Sonny and his henchman Dex Heller when Joss stumbles upon them. As Joss sees the sight, he admonishes the two men. When she threatens to turn them into the police, Dex works his charm and convinces her to change her mind. The fact that Joss stumbled upon Sonny and Dex seemed odd to me.

With her judgemental attitude, many viewers thought she was proving she was her mother's daughter. In any case, the writers may be preparing for a possible romance between Joss and Dex. General Hospital fans pointed out on Twitter that the two have chemistry. The scene was interesting. I wonder if Joss and Dex become more than friends," commented one viewer.

The relationship between Joss and Dex seemed a little something special to me. One fan wrote, "Maybe Joss will be looking for a more mature candidate now that Dex is working for Michael.".“The chemistry between Dex and Joss, DOSS or JEX, is evident,” another commenter added.

“As it stands now, I believe Joss is going to probably get with Sonny's goon later,” said another user. The infatuation Joss will experience with Dex will cause her and Cam trouble. Joss loves Cam, but she is captivated by Dex's tough and mysterious side. Despite this, Joss will be shocked when she discovers what Dex is up to.

She doesn't realize that Dex is collaborating with her brother Michael Corinthos to bring down Sonny. In the case of Dex and his little sister getting close, Michael won't be too happy and will put an end to any blossoming romance. The fact that Dex won't see Joss won't stop him from doing it.

Despite Michael and Dex's planning, the henchman may not be able to pursue a romantic relationship with Michael. Speculation suggests Michael and Dex's plot will fail, with the Corinthos family suffering the consequences. Joss will be hurt by their betrayal, and she will wonder if she can trust Dex.


source: cheatsheet