title iconGeneral Hospital Spoilers: Will Sonny Order Dex To Save Trina After Esme’s Disappearance?

On Thursday, Aug. 4's episode of "General Hospital," Sonny promised that he would make sure Trina wouldn't go to jail for Esme's crimes. A promo video on ABC shows Dex telling Sonny that whatever happens, he will be there. Later, Sonny reveals that Dex might have a place in his organization.

According to "GH" spoilers, Sonny offers Dex a job. To save Trina, Sonny needs to come up with an alternative plan to find Esme. After the conversation, Sonny wondered whether Ava had done something to Esme, but Ava instead pleaded for him to save Trina. If Dex is successful, Sonny will promise him a promotion if he executes the plan.

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There is no doubt that Dex is working for Michael, who wants to destroy Sonny's empire. Trina faces jail time, but will Dex be able to save her or will Michael's revenge plans be derailed by a mistake? Sasha asks Sienna and Smoltz why they are setting her up. A police officer is drawn into an altercation at the Metro Court in "General Hospital" spoilers.

After Sienna began asking intrusive questions, Sasha walked out of the previous episode. Sienna was paid by Smoltz to convince Sasha that she was on drugs when she ran over Harmony. Sasha managed to catch the two together in the parking lot, and it appears she will confront them.