title iconHalloween Spirit Is in the Air with Under Wraps 2 Trailer

This Halloween season, Disney Channel will take its fans on yet another spooky adventure. This is a must-see if you enjoyed the original 1997 Under Wraps Halloween season classic and the remake from last year.

Lauren Kisilevsky, SVP of Original Movies at Disney Branded Television, said that the new trailer shows "even more mummies, more scares, and more fun."

With a blend of lighthearted and spooky scenes, the Under Wraps 2 trailer teases the usual haunts. Marshall (Malachi Barton), Gilbert (Christian J. Simon), and Amy (Sophia Hammons) are on a mission to save Harold (Christian J. Simon) and Rose (Sophia Hammons), whom a new villain is scheming to destroy.

An evil mummy named Sobek poses a threat to the team. He has "a thousand-year-old grudge against his bitter rival Harold" and has "unexpectedly awoken and is out for revenge". That won't happen to these three friends! 

Amy, Gilbert, Marshall, Buzzy, and Harold must once again use their skills to save Rose after Sobek kidnaps her with the help of his hypnotized lucky Larry. Who knew mummies had such petty tendencies?​

Aside from Claude Knowlton, Antonio Cayenne, and Adam Wylie, Beuller is also portrayed by Claude Knowlton in Under Wraps 2. After its September 25th premiere on Disney Channel, Under Wraps 2 will also air on Disney+.