title iconHere are the spoilers for the Week of August 8, 2022 on Days of Our Lives

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers cover the week of Monday, August 15 through Friday, August 19.

Ava, Johnny, and EJ share an eventful meal, while Alex proposes a scandalous plan to Chanel and Allie. Chad and Jada search for evidence, EJ threatens to expose Ava's secret, Rolf confronts Li, and Stephanie returns to Salem with Steve and Kayla Monday, August 15 spoilers for Days of Our Lives

There is nothing better than a dysfunctional soap family getting together for a meal... and hiding knives. As EJ, Ava, and Johnny sit down to a nice, peaceful meal, we're expecting that to be the experience we'll have.

Kristen might want to be careful since Anna is becoming more and more suspicious! Do Li's concerns about Gabi's feelings make sense? It might be easier for him to figure out what to do after she confesses something Stefan-related to her current boyfriend.

Tuesday, August 16 spoilers for Days of Our Lives

After proving to be a bit of a playboy since arriving in Salem, Alex is about to make a shocking suggestion to Allie and Chanel. Li and Kristen could form an unholy alliance if they strike a deal. It would seem that nothing Lucas says could shock his mother, Kate, after all these years. Despite what you might think, he accomplishes just that today. There's nothing Paulina loves more than a second chance. Wednesday, August 17 spoilers for Days of Our Lives

It is pretty much universal knowledge that the DiMera basement has a "secret" room. Despite that, Chad and Jada have just now gotten around to investigating that space for any evidence that might point to Abigail's true killer.

Although Leo loves to talk, something tells us he might keep his mouth shut when Shawn tries to pry information from him. Continuing to prove his untrustworthiness, Alex pulled the wool over Sonny's eyes this time. It appears Orpheus is determined to become the most hated man in Salem.

Thursday, August 18 spoilers for Days of Our Lives

Steve and Kayla's daughter, Stephanie, received a mysterious message in Beyond Salem's latest episode that she hoped would lead her home. The big day has finally arrived... she arrives today!  Leo brings in an attorney to fight Rafe with him. Since Ava lives under the same roof as EJ, she is right there to push buttons. Her comforting presence and good advice have always made Kayla a valuable friend. Friday, August 19 spoilers for Days of Our Lives

When one of the partners is dead, it is said that the two can keep a secret. EJ warns Ava that he'll reveal what she's hiding unless she gives him what he wants, so let's hope it doesn't go quite that far. Despite Li's belief that he had the upper hand, Rolf calls the executive out on his sabotage. It's been a long time coming, but Johnny finally apologizes to Gabi. Chloe is likely to surprise the beauty when she comes to her, of all people, for assistance later on.