title iconIn the face of cop swarms, Sheila escapes and Finn takes note of Steffy's distress

He and Li share an emotional reunion at the house where Finn was being held by Sheila. Astonished that his mother is alive, Finn tells Li that nothing would stop her from returning. Sheila loses her mind. I don't know how the hell you survived that.”As Liam tries to contact Chief Baker at Bill's, he fumes as he is asked if he will hold. No, I'm not able to hold! My information about Sheila Carter's location is the reason!”

Taylor tells Ridge about her dream about Steffy and Finn, who were alive, on the Forrester jet. The scene seemed so real, and Steffy was laughing. Whenever she closes her eyes, she wishes she could return to the moment when Steffy and Finn were together. Once again, Taylor leans her head on Ridge's shoulder.

The pilot tells them after a while that they won't have wi-fi until they land. The situation makes Ridge frustrated; he hates not being able to reach him. Steffy is out of the country while Sheila runs around, which they are glad for. In Bill's house, Liam gets through to Chief Baker and blurts out, "We found her."

He doesn't have an exact location yet, but his dad is headed there with Li Finnegan. Hope listens to Liam's explanation to Baker about Li's time with Sheila and Finn... who is alive. As soon as Baker gets Bill's address, Baker can't believe any of this and demands he calls him right away. When Liam disconnects, Hope exclaims, “Finn is alive!

Sheila says she saw Li's car crash at the house - she can't have survived. "But I did," Li sneers. They have overcome everything she's thrown at them, just like Finn." "You're finished, Sheila!" It's true, you are." Bill interjects, "Yes, it's true." Sheila will never hurt anyone again."Ridge urges Taylor to remain positive - they're going to see Steffy today, even if Taylor is worried about showing up unannounced.

Liam sits down with his wife at Bill's place and tells her what I told him. Hope wonders if Sheila did anything to her. It's not Liam's fault that his dad found his sister traumatized and unable to speak in the alley. A message appears and he stammers, "Oh my God, they've found them.". The apartment has been found. I just need to make sure the police arrive on time."
Baker answers the phone at the station to Liam, who says, "I've got an address for you." Baker barks, "Text it to me." As soon as I get to my car, I'll call you!

Sheila protests that she didn't want any of this to happen - she was not responsible for Li's accident. When Li attempted to call the police, Sheila attacked her and she was in the car because of her. Sheila is threatened by Finn, who is held at bay by Bill. Li marvels at how she managed to survive. In the midst of Finn hugging his mom once again, Sheila makes a run for it. She is stopped by Bill. "You're gonna spend the rest of your life behind bars."When Sheila is shackled to the bed, she pleads with Finn to tell them how she saved and nursed him back to health. As Li yells, “You shot two people and left them for dead, and you ran me off the road.”

Finn barks, “What do you mean by ‘two people?”Steffy was shot by Li, she explains. Finn lunges for his birth mother once again, and Bill holds him back as Sheila protests, "She threatened me, what was I supposed to do?" Sheila protests that she wants to take her out, and Bill tells her that they need to let the police handle her. Steffy must be reached by Finn. Sheila will stay with Sheila, who is restrained, so Bill can go find Finn's wife.

After Finn tells Li he loves her, he follows Bill out the door - he's beyond ready to see his wife again. “Finn, please wait!” Sheila pleads. Upon closing the door, Li glares at Sheila. You thought you'd be able to get away with this, didn't you?”Sheila got everything she wanted. “My son is alive and will be reunited with his wife soon.” Li isn't fooled by this - she wants Finn and Hayes in her life, adoring her like some sort of mother of the year, but now the only thing she'll be seeing is the inside of a prison cell.

Li is knocked out cold by Mike just then. Sheila, what the hell is happening?”
 Sheila implores him to release her - they must get out of there as soon as possible! As a result, Mike begins the process. Finn tells Li that he loves her before following Bill out of the house - he's so eager to be reunited with his wife that he's beyond ready to do so. "Finn, please, give me a minute!” Sheila screams, “Finn, wait!”Her door closes and Li looks at Sheila with a glare. "Did you expect to get away with it?" Sheila got exactly what she wanted.” 

The exact thing Sheila wanted was delivered to her. My son is alive and on his way to reuniting with his wife. The only thing Li will be seeing inside a prison cell is the inside of a prison cell - she desires Finn and Hayes to surround her like some kind of mother of the year! Li is knocked out cold by Mike when he appears behind her. Sheila, what the hell is happening?”Sheila implores him to release her - they must get out of there as soon as possible! As a result, Mike begins the process. As the Forrester jet lands, Ridge and Taylor eagerly await Steffy's arrival - they just want to squeeze her tight. Neither Hope nor Liam can get hold of Ridge at Bill's house, and Steffy cannot be contacted by Liam either.

I can't believe he just said that out loud.” It's hard for him to believe he just said that out loud. Mike frees Sheila from her bonds and she pulls him in for a kiss as sexy music plays. When Mike asks, "How will I know where to go?" she replies, "We'll meet later.". The door closes. He sighs, "I'll find you.". Just as he takes a step, Li grabs his foot and knocks him down. When he finally gets up from the floor, he cries, “What the hell, lady?”How could you let that psycho go?” She fumes." Mike tells her to get out of the way. Just then, Baker snarls, "Make me." Li snarls, "Make me.". "Sheila?" Li shouts, “She’s gone!”Li yells, "She's gone!"