title iconIn The Gray Man, Ryan Gosling's Court Gentry is set up for the future

It is possible for audiences to feel exhausted after watching an action-adventure spectacle like The Gray Man. Anthony and Joe Russo's spy thriller, adapted from Mark Greaney's novel of the same name, is the latest original Netflix movie. In parallel, the tracks to the future are effectively laid, since Ryan Gosling's protagonist Court Gentry has been mixing it up with his enemies for 11 books, and a 12th is in the works. 

There are some threads that The Gray Man ending weaves together that set things up for Gosling's character and the rest of The Gray Man cast. This is the point of no return if you haven't seen the movie yet. Read our official review of The Gray Man if you want to know more about the movie without spoilers. As for what happened at the end of Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans' crazy confrontation, let the madness begin.

Never let The Gray Man be said to be incompetent when it comes to using a setting. The film's final fight pits Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling) against Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) in front of an ornate French fountain. In the end, it wasn't Court who took out Lloyd after snarky one-liners, gunplay, knifeplay, and fisticuffs.

The final shot was fired by former ally Suzanne Brewer (Jessica Henwick), who was overseeing the psychopathic contractor in the quest to silence Court Gentry. Suzanne leaves Court alive, but still in pretty bad shape, and makes a deal: he and Claire Fitzroy (Julia Butters) will live. Two conditions must be met: Court must return to prison, and Donald's niece (Billy Bob Thornton) must be placed under CIA custody.

It's a small price to pay for supporting Suzanne's story that Lloyd Hansen is behind every single mistake we see in The Gray Man. The price, however, is soon voided out. Claire Fitzroy escapes from her metaphorical birdcage after Court Gentry escapes prison. Taking flight in an imposing pickup truck, the pals flee from those who would harm them. The Gray Man leaves open the fact that Court Gentry and Claire Fitzroy are on the run. Due to their knowledge of what happened during this CIA shitshow, they are public enemies. Those are the two parties with the most to lose from this mess, at least according to the official viewpoint. 

Suzanne Brewer's career depends on keeping these events secret, as does Denny Carmichael (Regé-Jean Page), the CIA center chief. As for The Gray Man's events, you could say that they were his fault from the start, and we'll discuss why shortly. For now, Court Gentry has one more ally trapped in this bureaucratic web of secrecy. Dani Miranda (Ana de Armas) reluctantly joins Court's quest to uncover the CIA program behind Denny Carmichael's madness. She's so useful that in the final act, Dani destroys the enemy stronghold with what seems like an unlimited number of rockets. Sadly, she now has to back up the official story that Suzanne and Denny have cooked up, or else she, Court, and Claire could be considered collateral damage.