title icon'Injecting anything into your face can lead to serious problems': Jennifer Garner

The beauty secrets of Jennifer Garner are simpler than you might think. What is her wise advice? "Be cautious when injecting anything into your face," the 50-year-old told Harper's Bazaar on July 27. It is absolutely essential that you add nothing until you are absolutely sure it is necessary."

"Don't think, however, that you are just 37 years old, and that you need to be shooting up your face." She advised that putting energy elsewhere in order to combat the habit of obsessing "over changes", or aiming to "fix something on your face," was the best way to curb the habit of obsessing "over changes".

Rather than looking in the mirror, obsessing over your appearance, or spending your time looking in the mirror, she advised us to look outwards to see what else we could be doing with our time instead. It is true that we all look at our faces a lot more than people did in the past, and using this method is not going to benefit you."

Despite the fact that Jennifer doesn't spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, we're sure the actress has a great hair routine locked down.

My day usually starts with a really hard workout, which is usually the first thing I do in the morning. Then, it gets all gross, so I have to wash it... I always do a mask over the weekend, so it will really nourish my hair." After that, she finishes it up with a towel dry, styling cream, and a hair spray to combat the frizz. It is safe to say Jennifer does not tolerate frizzy hair days or unnecessary injections in her daily life.