title iconIt's a Bold and Beautiful World

As a result, it appears that Sheila from The Bold and the Beautiful has a little bit less blood on her hands. The doctor was not permanently silenced due to Sheila's efforts to keep Li quiet, even though she's responsible for shooting Steffy and nearly killing Finn. Therefore, Naomi Matsuda is back after the show's latest fake-out. Honestly, we suspected Li's fate from the beginning.

Despite initially believing she had perished following that fiery car crash in which her car plunged into the ocean, we began to wonder whether she would follow Finn's example by rising from the dead. During the Daytime Emmys (see below), we got the first hint when we talked to Matsuda. She was grateful for her time at Bold & Beautiful - which she was nominated for. Although she corrected herself, she soon after made a similar slip when referring to Ted King, saying he "plays" instead of "plays" her husband.

The Bold & Beautiful writers, however, could not help themselves. Anvil-size clues needed to be dropped to convince Li that she was alive. Has the body been found yet? Has there been any news?” When the episode aired on July 4th, Sheila asked Mike a question. Have you thought of her as being eaten by sharks or washed out to sea?

The deal was pretty much sealed as far as we were concerned. The show is familiar to us since we have watched it for a long time. In Bold & Beautiful 101, we discuss a dead or absent character just before they make a comeback. The July 21 episode showed Li reappearing at the tail end after Bill found her behind a restaurant other than Il Giardino's.