title iconJibri talks about why he acted 'crazy' during the 90-day fiance Tell-All

During the 90-Day Fiancé Tell-All, Jibri Bell explained his behavior after fans criticized his attack on Ariela Weinberg. The 28-year-old Jibri Bell became well known to reality TV viewers through his appearances on 90 Day Fiancé season 9 with his wife, Miona Bell.

Because of their identical surnames on Instagram and in an interview from June 2020, fans knew Miona and Jibri were already married.  Some 90-Day Fiancé fans believe the show is fake, but Jibri was branded as a clout chaser who was using the show to promote his music or sell his used pants.

When fans thought Jibri's social media behavior was excessive, he surprised them by acting like a bully to Ariela during the Tell-All. Jibri implied that his family and friends were jealous of him and Miona. Ariela performed the role of devil's advocate when she defended Jibri's mother.

He refers to a scene in which Ariela is insecure over Biniyam Shibre's female training partner when he declares that she is the "most jealous person on every cast". Biniyam was later challenged by Jibri to fight by his own side in response to Ariela's "pessimism" and "overbearing" behavior.

Jibri then claimed Ariela was holding him back from reaching the top of his MMA career because she was "pessimistic" and "overbearing." Biniyam has since taken the fight. Biniyam was told, "I have $100,000, we will fight.".

Jibri requested that fans ask him questions following the 90-Day Fiancé season 9 Tell-All on TLC. A Jibri fan wasn't shy about asking him, “Why were you acting crazy on the talk show? ”Furthermore, the fan desired to know if Jibri would really fight Biniyam.

Jibri confessed, "because I am an entertainer.". It is his intention to make your audience laugh, cry, and yell at the show. Jibri described himself as a "professional clown" since he was five years old. He believes that the "worst thing" he can do is bore those who watch his program.

Furthermore, reality TV star Jibri has already devised a plan for challenging Biniyam. As long as it's in the best interests of @biniyam_shibre, I'll lose weight and fight him if it's in his best interests, he wrote. "Talent fighter" is what Jibri called Biniyam. He thinks Biniyam will do well in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Using Jibri's poll as an example, he asked his fans, “Jibri vs Bini who are you backing?” 
In addition, there were two options: “Jibri is champion,” and “BINI slapping Jibri's a**. A recent post by Jibri tagged his best friend and bandmate Daveed Dacho and suggested that they should call "the Serbs" in order to get Jibri back into shape, along with a photo of Jibri dressed in a Jiu-Jitsu uniform.

While fans may have expressed dissatisfaction with Ariela's attitude during 90 Day Fiancé season 9, they did not approve of Jibri's aggressive behavior every two minutes. A number of viewers expressed their disapproval of his attempt to act as a counselor and asked him to mind his own business, particularly since his own parents were not in favor of his marriage to Miona.

Several people referred to Miona as the one who almost broke up the band when Jibri spoke of Ariela attempting to undermine Biniyam's MMA career. Jibri has been accused by fans of wanting to have his own 90-Day Fiancé spin-off or possibly replace Shaun Robinson. Among the highlights of the Tell-All for many people was John Mendes's call of Jibri "spahkles" for his absurd, shiny clothing.