title iconKardashian Fans Want The Kardashians To Stop Using This Item

The Kardashian/Jenner family members have become some of the most talked about reality stars of all time since they launched their hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2007. 

Even so, the show grew so popular that it became one of E!’s most successful programs, likely generating millions of dollars.

Their fans have witnessed every twist and turn as the family flourishes in their newfound fame. Almost every aspect of their lives has been captured on camera, from birthday parties to engagements to breakups.

However, fans are not quite thrilled with one thing that they've seen, and they hope the Kardashians (especially Kylie Jenner) will tone it down. When it comes to events or parties, the Kardashians certainly aren't afraid to splash the cash, and always go the extra mile. As an example, Kim and Kanye spent a jaw-dropping $1.3 million on their 2018 Christmas party.

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A fake snow company was even hired, which reportedly accounted for around $350,000 of the total budget. While True's second birthday party was held over Zoom during the lockdown, Khloe held her second birthday party over Zoom. Compared to the usual extravagant events, this was a welcome change.

Additionally, the family reportedly spends a lot on food, entertainment, and gift bags to ensure that everyone has a good time. They have also spent money on chocolate eggs and flower arrangements, but since they earned more on their new Hulu show, they can now spend even more.

For the Kardashian family, birthday parties are also pretty big events. For Kendall's eighteenth birthday in 2013, they rented out an entire theme park, which probably cost six figures or millions. For Stormi's second birthday, Kylie Jenner threw a lavish event for her daughter. She is also known for throwing extravagant parties for her children.

Around $100,000 was reportedly spent on the extravagant event, which included a 'Frozen' themed room, a tie-dye station, and rides. Kylie decided to throw a second birthday party with a bang.

Nevertheless, some fans have expressed concerns about certain aspects of their events. Find out what's rocking the boat this time! When it comes to events or parties, the Kardashians aren't afraid to splash the cash, and always put their best foot forward.

However, some fans have raised concerns that their party props may not be environmentally friendly. Many fans have torn apart the family over one specific item. Many fans feel that the Kardashians have gone overboard with their balloon use at several of their events over the years.

Their publicized events, which fans can view on social media, often include extravagant balloon displays that follow the party's color theme. How exactly do balloons harm the environment?

The majority of balloons are made of plastic, and even latex balloons can take months to degrade. We are threatened by their presence in the environment while they are causing harm to our ecosystems and wildlife.

Animals and marine life can ingest plastic, which can harm their health by blocking their digestive systems, resulting in them starving to death. Because of this, many fans are not happy with the family's example.

In addition to using non-eco-friendly items for their events, many fans have previously criticized them for their use of private jets. In the past, many fans have argued that using flights for short trips is unnecessary and that carbon emissions are being pumped into the atmosphere unnecessarily.

The Kardashians are incredibly influential, so choosing eco-friendly alternatives or eliminating certain practices would set a good example for their audience, and most likely encourage them to follow suit.

Some fans have developed concerns over some choices made for the Kardashian's events, despite many viewing them as dreams. Why are fans so mad?

There is a particular bee in the bonnet for the sheer amount of balloons the family uses at their parties, mainly because they are not considered environmentally friendly and may harm wildlife.

"But you know what's worse than this? All the balloons they use at parties. At least this will degrade quickly, but those balloons? They'll last for years and years."

Other fans agreed with the observation, with one writing, "I think about it all the time! Gosh, it seems unfair that no matter how much I scrim on plastic and how locally grown/vegan I eat, there are still people blowing up thousands of balloons for Instagram pictures.

I wish we all took more responsibility for the planet and stopped glorifying unsustainable excess: There were also some fans who didn't seem happy about other aspects of the party. There was another Reddit user who said, "Honestly, I can't justify the resources and water spent on all of those flowers just to be thrown away in a day. I think all their floral arrangements are beautiful, but I can't justify the waste.".