title iconKatherine Kelly Lang wishes her love of life a

As Katherine Kelly Lang celebrated the first anniversary of The Bold and the Beautiful earlier this week, the show is in overdrive. Aside from blowing out her birthday candles with co-star Jennifer Gareis, the actress and longtime boyfriend, Dominique Zoida celebrated a special anniversary.

Having dated for nine years, Lang wanted to let him know just how much they mean to her and how much they have grown as a couple during this time. A sweet photo of Lang and her sweetheart was shared with the caption “Celebrating when I met my sweetheart.” Dominique Zoida, Happy Anniversary... You are amazing. The thought of you makes my heart flutter."

Earlier on, Lang informed him that she would be out of town from the date of the birthday celebration, as well as the anniversary celebration, as part of her celebration of both. As well as posting a video featuring some of their memorable moments, including events that they attended together.

personal shots and many others, she went on to express her love for him and proclaimed, "I love you more than anything I've ever known."As she talked about the first picture in the video, she talked about the very first date that she and Casey Kasprzyk went on with their friend Jordan and the soap's supervisory producer.

The opportunity to meet you has been such a blessing for me," Lang continued. I love cuddling at home, even if it's just for a few minutes. As she recalled all of the fun things they've done with Zoida, she emphasized how much more enjoyable they were because of her.

She expressed how happy she has been with him over the past nine years and anticipates many more to come. As expected, her fellow daytime friends, including Don Diamont and Ashley Jones, and Tracey E. from The Young and Restless, sent happy vibes to the couple. We wish Bregman and Lauralee Bell, as well as General Hospital's Finola Hughes, many more happy years.

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