title iconKathy Hilton's 'raging' behavior in Aspen shocks the cast of 'RHOBH'

There isn't everything "hunky-dory," as Lisa Rinna puts it. As the midseason trailer released Thursday shows, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast reacts to Kathy Hilton's "raging" behavior. She just looked so angry to me," Erika Jayne says. The shocked Garcelle Beauvais is shocked to hear Rinna say, "I had locked myself in the bedroom.".

A glance at Hilton's half-sister Kyle Richards, who stares to the side of the room, indicates indifference. Diana Jenkins explains to Jayne, "Kathy was f-king raging.". That person seems familiar to me, but I don't remember who they were. She tells Dorit Kemsley and Rinna, 59, that Hilton, 63, "has to own her s-t, too," if she could be interrogated about Girardi's legal troubles.

The teaser shows Hilton denying "screaming and throwing things" in an Instagram live video. Hilton, however, appears to be screaming in the midseason trailer that she is "leaving" because she's " pissed off.” While Rinna and Richards, 53, do not know what exactly happened in Aspen, they have an emotional conversation with Hilton afterward.

Rinna informs Hilton that she spoke with you about her beautiful sister. The situation won't work out for you, Kathy. In response, Hilton claps back that Rinna can be "very unkind, too," adding, "I just want to know where that hatred comes from." Richards eventually breaks down in tears due to the emotional nature of the conversation.

There is something about you that makes me feel like you hate me. What makes you think those things are okay?” Richards asks as Hilton repeatedly repeats her name, presumably warning her to stop. A spokesperson for Hilton told E! that she denied the "raging" claims from the cast trip. There were rumors in February that her co-stars had squabbles.

According to Richards, she and Hilton were having trouble communicating because of a "rough patch" they hit while filming, but they have since gotten back in touch. In an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" Wednesday, Hilton described their relationship as great, saying she apologized when she said "some things out of frustration" and "some things I shouldn't have said."