title iconKatie Maloney and Tom Schwartz share a pool day despite their split on Vanderpump Rules

The Vanderpump Rules couples Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney enjoyed a pool day together despite their ongoing divorce. Their split didn't surprise fans when they announced it in March. There was a 12-year relationship between the Bravo stars. They already had the same circle of friends, and have been around each other many times since the split. They were seen having lunch and attending the same social events soon after their announcement.

The couple started filming the Vanderpump Rules season 10 months after their divorce. The most friendly hangout yet seemed to have taken place on a recent Instagram story. Tom posted a photo of himself and Katie on his Instagram Stories on August 14. The TomTom owner was shown in a photo smiling while he hung out in a pool.

The person he tagged in the story was right behind him, his ex. The photo was shared on Katie's own Instagram Stories shortly after it was posted. The hangout quickly sparked discussion on Reddit. The ability of Tom and Katie to remain, friends, was commended by many. Although they weren't surprised, as the pair never seemed romantic on the show. There was no indication of where the pool day was held or if any other people were around.

They shared a pool in their former home, but sold it in June and moved out. There was no hint that the co-stars might call off their divorce. The post made some Reddit users wonder if Tom is still not ready to move on. Many Redditors agree with u/Otherwise-Airline640's conclusion that Katie wants to be amicable and Tom wants to return to his old life with Katie.

Another said he appeared to be wearing his wedding ring again in recent Instagram stories. Tom wore his wedding ring for months after Katie filed, so perhaps he just wore another one. According to the Reddit fan theory, they made similar comments after splitting. According to Katie's podcast, she started dating, but she's not looking for another serious relationship. Additionally, she admitted to ending the marriage for herself. Tom claimed he was too busy to move on, and expressed apprehension about dating again.

Even though Katie played nice with her ex, she also supported Lala Kent. For hanging out with Randall Emmett, Lala stopped talking to Tom Schwartz. Her divorce was later blamed on him, and she revealed she had no sympathy for him. We will have to wait until the upcoming season to see how this feud plays out. It seems that Tom and Katie are determined to maintain their amicable relationship, despite any drama.