title iconKatie Price fizzles back on social media to announce her son’s update

The former glamour model Katie Price has been on a social media 'detox' since early July. But recently, she fizzles in her social media handle regarding a few updates about her son. So, let's see what does she like to share with us.

Proud moment for the media personality

After a short break, Katie Price posted on her social media handle to reveal her son Harvey had been nominated for a National Television Award. The 44-year-old former glamour model Katie Price stopped posting on Instagram in July, saying she needed a rest. The social media was detoxified after she split from fiancé Carl Woods after two years together.

On Tuesday, Katie Price posted a snap of her son Harvey, who has earned an NTA nomination in the Authored Documentary category for the documentary What Harvey Did Next. Katie price’s caption reads: "I'm so proud of my son. He's been nominated back for an NTA!! "Well done, my son Harv. Mummy loves you so much."

Admirers’ delightful wishes for them

Admirers shared their delight at Katie price’s return and offered their congratulations to her son, as one said: "So pleased for Harvey. Good to see you back, Katie Price." Another admirer wrote: “Congratulations Harvey, Katie Price's bet has blown you.

Others congratulated "treasure" Harvey and "best mummy" Katie Price. She reportedly broke from social media after rumors began circulating about her supposedly troubled relationship with 33-year-old car dealer Carl Woods.

How did Carl Woods crash the rumors

In July, he posted an expletive-filled clip to his Instagram stories to quash the rumors. In the clip, he said: "Look, here she is. I'm still in the fucking home. "All this, 'Oh, we want her shot of him.' Why don't you all f*** off?" Carl Wood’s video didn't get the intended effect, as rumors about their relationship were circulating. Last month, Katie Price appeared to confirm the couple had indeed split.

When an admirer asked if she was still with Carl Woods on her social media, she replied: "No." Yet, she said it was not her who made a comment and claimed her account had been hacked.What Harvey Did Next is regarding a teenager with several disabilities as he enters a new phase of adulthood. The film documents Harvey's transition to a more independent life and how he and his mother cope with the changes in their lives that his move to college brings.