title iconKelly Osbourne looks pregnant in low-cut black dress outing with Sharon & Ozzy in London

Since announcing her pregnancy, Kelly Osbourne has been keeping the low-key. On Sunday, August 7, she stepped out of a hotel wearing a low-cut black maxi dress with her mom, Sharon Osbourne, 69, and father, Ozzy Osbourne, 73.

Her lavender hair was pulled back in a high ponytail, and her face was covered with sunglasses. Keeping the rest of her look casual, she wore black sneakers and a chain handle backpack. Despite the sun, Sharon shielded her eyes with a black pair of sunglasses while wearing a white blouse and beige pants.

A chunky pair of Gucci logo sneakers and a matching straw logo tote bag completed her neutral look. In a black hat with a pirate design and a black blazer under a yellow and black t-shirt, she held Ozzy's hand while following behind him. Ozzy made his first public appearance just two weeks ago at Comic-Con after recovering from a serious surgery.

Her exciting Instagram post announced that she was expecting her first child in May. Holding up a sonogram photo to her face, the former star of The Osbournes posted a selfie. Having been extremely quiet over the past few months, I thought I'd share why," she captioned. I'm over the moon for my new role as a mum.

I'm happy, but that does not quite cut it." she added. She did not reveal how far along she was or who the father is, however, reports claim that the father is her boyfriend Sid Wilson, 45, of Slipknot.

It was when Sid toured with Ozzy and his band Black Sabbath in 1999 that they first met. It wasn't until early 2022 that the two became romantically involved, and they celebrated Valentine's Day together a few months later.