title icon Kendall Jenner's happiness was Devin Booker's primary focus after his reconciliation

In the wake of his short breakup with The Kardashians star Kendall Jenner over commitment issues, Devin Booker is reportedly 'focused' on making Jenner happy. After their brief breakup, Devin Booker reportedly is looking to make Kendall Jenner happy again. In the aftermath of their split last month, Kendall has been teasing signs that they are back and better than ever. During Kourtney Kardashian's wedding to Travis Barker, things appeared to be going well for the couple. Nevertheless, fans began to notice tension in the couple's relationship in the weeks following the Italian wedding.

The two-year relationship between Kendall and Devin ended in late June, according to sources. However, the reports did not take long for Kendall and Devin to start fueling reconciliation rumors. During the 4th of July weekend, the couple partied in the Hamptons. Last weekend, Kendall and Devin attended a star-studded wedding, and she shared photos of their outfits. A cropped version of the photos was taken without Devin's face. It was apparent, however, that the supermodel was dropping hints that she had rekindled her relationship.

Sources are confirming their reconciliation one month after announcing their breakup. After they broke up, Devin tried to make things right with Kendall almost immediately, a source told HollywoodLife. Kendall reportedly put a stop to Devin's relationship and wanted him to take it seriously. As a result of the threat of losing Kendall, Devin has been laser-focused on making her happy, the source said. Kendall and Devin are "back in the honeymoon phase," and cannot get enough of one another. "Everyone would like to see them get married," the source said.

Kendall and Devin are reportedly so in love with each other that the Kar-Jenners are so supportive of their relationship. Devin was able to impress the family at Kourtney's wedding as he was a gentleman, a source said. The pair were disappointed when Kendall and Devin decided not to stay together after a few weeks. Kendall wanted more from Devin than he was giving her at the time, so she ended the relationship. Kendall has reportedly been treated exceptionally since the Phoenix Suns player reconciled with her. The couple's relationship is described as being filled with love and he has promised to want the same things Kendall does, such as marriage and children. An anonymous source said, "He told her he couldn't imagine his life without her."

Kendall has teased Devin on social media and paparazzi spottings suggest this isn't going away any time soon. Kendall has a successful modeling career and the NBA player has a promising sports career. Kendall and Devin's power couple potential is enhanced by Devin's fame and success in the tequila industry. Kendall is taking Devin seriously for the first time. Devin should not lose a good thing by messing that up. We wish them a happy wedding and a healthy baby.