title iconKenya and Marlo have several disagreements about Marlo's nephews during this season's 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'

There have been a lot of interesting episodes so far this season, from Shareé Whitfield's vibrating underwear episode to Drew Sidora's fight with Shereé Whitfield. The dispute between Marlo and Kenya is getting nastier as viewers prepare for 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Season 14, Episode 11. Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore have been at odds for so long that pinpointing when and how things went wrong is difficult. The infamous Bailey Bowl incident was caused by Marlo and Kenya's friendship during Season 6. Marlo put an end to NeNe and NeNe's friendship by throwing a water bottle at her. However, they reconciled in the end. The relationship between Kenya and Marlo reached its lowest point by season nine.

They fell out during the season's glamping vacation because Marlo wasn't invited to Kenya's birthday and housewarming parties. Further complicating matters were Kenya's invitation to NeNe's birthday party and the photo she uploaded. Defamation of God. It is not uncommon for Marlo to hurl comments after stating that her feelings were slighted, Kenya is unhappy, her lashes are a disaster, she needs a dermatologist, she is unable to retain a boyfriend, etc.

Marlo's comment that "if a person's mother doesn't want to bother by them, you know something's wrong... that's how I know she's evil" was the final nail in the coffin. The relationship between Kenya and Marlo ended in episode thirteen of season nine, and it will live on forever in our memories. Since Marlo switched to being a full-time peach bearer instead of simply a "friend of," her friendship with Kenya has evolved into much more than invitations to birthday parties and marching bands spoiling wig launches. Marlo sees Kenya as a liar no matter what she says or does, including catching a cold. The back and forth isn't entirely Kenya's fault, but Marlo usually takes things too far.

Kenya leaves it up to Marlo after Marlo gives her an ultimatum that she will not be allowed to go anywhere else if she does not stay with the girls during their vacation. In the teaser for the forthcoming episode, Marlo stands by her promise that if Kenya does not show up at her house, she will not hesitate to cut her off from the vacation. In the early morning, Kenya, who lives just down the street at her own lake house in Blue Ridge, makes her way to Kenya's place. Things quickly turn sour as she attempts to remain calm and act as if nothing has happened.

The situation gets heated when Sanya informs Marlo that Kenya has a negative opinion of her and her nephews, which makes her avoid her. Amid heated words, Kandi confronts Kenya about why she pokes people to irritate them when she complains about not liking being treated that way herself. When others insult her, Kenya expresses her displeasure. In addition, she states that she will respect people as long as they are courteous to her.As Kenya speaks about her nephews while Marlo is away, and goes up to the place by herself, although it was she who invited all of them there and drove them there, Marlo lashes out. She is reminded never to speak of her nephews again by Marlo as she leaves. According to her, no one in the group will take her away from the boys when Kenya reverts because she already gave them away. Marlo calls Kenya "bit*h" and "trashy" as a result.