title iconKim Kardashian praises Taylor Swift in a resurfaced viral video  

It's no secret that Kim Kardashian has been a fan of Taylor Swift for a long time, despite her famous feud with her. There was a video on Twitter over the weekend showing Kardashian gushing over Swift's hit song Love Story. Entertainment Tonight asked Kardashian what song she was listening to during a 2009 red carpet event." On my iPod, Taylor Swift is the most played song." the singer revealed.

"My number one fan is Taylor Swift, and I enjoy watching her on Twitter, so I just joined Twitter."Kardashian corrected herself, saying that she was following, rather than watching. During her marriage to Kanye West, Kardashian became embroiled in a dispute with Swift. During the same year, Kardashian's resurfaced video appeared, and Swift and West feuded after West stole best female video honors from Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards.

She responded by grabbing West's mic and claiming Beyoncé had earned the victory. In the wake of the moment going down in music history, Swift and West discussed it in interviews and wrote songs about it. The 2015 VMAs saw Swift present West with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award as a result of their reconciliation. After West released his infamous song, Famous, on his The Life of Pablo album, it soured further: "I feel like Taylor and I might still have a relationship. Why? Because I made her famous."

After being married to Kardashian for two years, West claims Swift was aware of the lyric and permitted him to record it, and it was her idea all along. As a show of support for her husband, Kardashian stepped in to deny this account. Kardashian discussed the incident with GQ magazine in June 2016. In an interview with GQ, she said, "She approved that.". "She knew it was coming out. She wanted to pretend like she wasn't aware. It comes as no surprise that my husband gets a lot of crap for things [although] he actually followed protocol and even called for approval."

Later that month, Kim released a video of the phone call between West and Swift, in which Swift was said to have given her blessing to West. Swift responds: "It sounds like a compliment to me." as West runs the line "I feel like Taylor and I have sex."It is claimed Swift was not informed about the "made that b***h famous" line. A statement the singer said on Instagram had been deleted, stating: "Where is the video in which Kanye told me he would use your name as a political slogan in his song?"

"Falsely painting me as a liar without ever hearing the complete story or having played any part in the song is character assassination."In 2020, a so-called unedited audio clip of Swift and West's 2016 phone call was released online. As a result, Swift fans all over the world took it as a confirmation that Swift was telling the truth that she never approved the lyric and wasn't informed about the "made that b***h famous" line. Swift has been accused of lying by Kardashian following the latest leak on Twitter.

According to Kardashian, Taylor Swift re-ignited an old exchange, which at this point seems very self-serving given the suffering millions of real victims are experiencing." Before, I was not inclined to comment, and I'm mortified that I'm doing so right now, but since she continues to talk about it, I feel that I'm left with no choice but to respond because she is lying."The only conflict I had was Taylor lying through her publicist, claiming that Kanye never contacted her to request permission. I let you all know they spoke. No one negated the use of the b-word without her consent.

"Despite not having the song completely written by the time they spoke, her team said she 'declined and cautioned him against releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message, which was an attempt to manipulate the truth of their actual conversation, as everyone can see in the video."The lie was never about the word b***h, but whether there was a call and the tone of the conversation."

As for the Snapchat footage, Kardashian West also denied editing it, saying: "I only shared a few clips with my followers to make my point, and the full video that recently leaked does not change the narrative."The reality star admitted last year that Swift's music is still a favorite despite the drama over the past decade." Her songs are all super cute and catchy. I have to check my phone to get the name of an album," she admitted on the podcast Honestly.

The feud might be about to recommence, however, according to some Swift fans. According to reports, the singer is about to release 20 songs "from the vault" that she recorded in 1989 and released in 2014. Since the Kardashian-West feud began, Swift hasn't released an anticipated album in the time since she last released an album every two years. It is believed some of the content she was planning to release will now be released and could allude to the feud she had with her famous ex-boyfriends.