title iconKim Kardashian receipt leaked: the truth revealed

Kim Kardashian's pricey receipt has been leaked by an Australian man who claims to have taken Kim's order while she was in Queensland to visit Pete Davidson. Her boyfriend, who is currently filming his new movie Wizards, flew into Australia on his private jet for a four-day visit with her. Queensland is located in Australia. Her waiter is accused of leaking the bill of the Italian restaurant where she took her entourage out to eat.

Kim allegedly ate at Piccolo Cucina in Port Douglas over the weekend, according to waiter Callum McKean. It's now been revealed that Kim never even stepped foot in the restaurant, so he wasn't telling the whole story.“Possibly her hostess ordered takeaway from Piccolo Cucina,” Jolene Aiello told the Courier Mail. Would it have been transported to Kim's private jet before she flew home to the United States.

According to her (the waiter), she told him she was from a flight leaving for the States... perhaps she took this on her flight and could enjoy it on her way home," Ms. Aiello said. It's unclear if Kim contributed directly to the tip, but she confirmed it came with the order. Claims about Kim's huge dining bill first made headlines on Wednesday after Callum took to social media with his story.

The order was taken at work today for Kim K. Thank you, @KimKardashian, for the hefty tip." he wrote in an Instagram Story outside the restaurant. After that, the local leaked a photo of her receipt, revealing she spent $576 on lunch - but blocked out the details of her payment. The receipt shows Kim (or her air hostess) paid for four $15 Caprese salads, two $11 bruschetta dishes, and two $20 Margherita pizzas, among other things.

I have copious amounts of Kimmy fans after finishing work. In the caption of the photo, he wrote, "Here's her bill.".According to Callum's Instagram account, where he has since deleted his profile, the rich star also left him a massive tip. Kim was in Australia recently, but there are no photos to prove she was served by Callum or visited Piccolo Cucina. His claims - which have since been disproven - made fans suspicious following the debunking of claims earlier this year that another Aussie restaurant had served Kim.

In June, a café owner said Kim visited the establishment with Pete Davidson in tow after flying in to see him.“A couple of private guests asked if we had room for a couple of private guests, who will take over the inside,” Botanica Café Bar Kitchen Manager Matt Black told ABC. It wasn't long before Kimmy K and Pete Davidson walked in. The counter was where we had to put our phones."There was later a refutation from several outlets and Pete's team. According to a spokesperson for The Daily Mail, "Pete is currently in production without Kim."During Kim's visit to Down Under in July, she avoided being photographed and kept a low profile.

In addition to spending time with Pete, she has no plans to leave the hotel. The Daily Mail reported that "she doesn't want to be bothered" on her trip. In addition, the hotel employees were asked to sign NDAs with the production company working on Pete's new film. The Kardashians are now available on Disney Plus with an mth-to-mth or annual subscription. Become a member today.