title iconLee Jung-Jae will reprise 'Deliver Us From Evil' role in spin-off

Korean media outlets

According to reports from Korean media outlets, Lee will appear in the series as well as co-produce it through his firm, Artist Studio. Hive Media, the producer of "Deliver Us From Evil," has been reached out to for additional details.

Hwang Jung-min portrayed the role of In-Nam, a former black operations agent who goes to Thailand to investigate an abduction. In the original film, In-Nam was played by Hwang Jung-min.

Korean-Japanese thug

There, he is chased by the character Ray, a Korean-Japanese thug whose brother had been slain by In-Nam. Lee's role is played by Ray. Ray, who is covered in tattoos and exudes charisma, is about to go on a murderous spree seeking retribution.

It is anticipated that "Ray" would deepen the back-story of the seductively wicked Ray, explaining how he got to be such a brutal murderer and pitting him against other criminals from throughout the world.

Hong Kyung-Pyo

Hong Kyung-Pyo, a renowned cinematographer whose previous works include "Parasite," "Broker," "Burning," "Snowpiercer," and "The Wailing," will take over as director of photography and take over the reins from "Deliver Us From Evil." It is anticipated that pre-production will get underway in the year 2023.

There has not been any announcement regarding affiliation to a streaming platform as of yet. It was released in August 2020, during a gap in Korea's pandemic lockdown measures, and it garnered an astonishing $28.9 million from 4.36 million viewers. "Deliver Us From Evil"

Audience in Korea

Lee is presently enjoying great success as the director, producer, and actor of "Hunt," an espionage drama set in the 1980s that made its world premiere at Cannes. The film was met with a variety of responses at Cannes, with several critics from other countries citing its confusing nature. Since then, Lee has redone the cut for foreign audiences, and the new version is going to make its debut in Toronto. The intra-Korean difficulties have not been an issue for the audience in Korea, as evidenced by the fact that the picture has remained at the top of the box office for the last two weekends in theatres. Since it was first made available to the public on August 10th, it has generated a total gross income of $26 million through the sale of 3.35 million tickets.

At the recent 2022 Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards, Lee won the prize for "best actor in a streaming series, drama." Lee is the first Asian performer to ever achieve this accomplishment. Additionally, he is in talks to return for the second season of "Squid Game."