title iconLogan and Gabby weren't planning to go on a hometown date on The Bachelorette

As a result of Logan Palmer testing positive for COVID-19 right before the hometown dates, Gabby Windey has now explained why she never intended to visit Logan's hometown in the first place.

After realizing that he had a stronger connection with Gabby, Logan switched from dating Rachel Recchia to Gabby, a 26-year-old videographer from San Diego, California.

Logan was the only one who had kissed both women and was torn between them. As a result of this change, Logan's relationship with Gabby was growing deeper, but he was forced off the show due to the COVID-19 diagnosis. On the show, Gabby expressed concern over his health. Her hometown dates were Jason Alabaster, Erich Schwer, and Johnny DePhillipo.

She chose only three men for her hometown dates, unlike most Bachelorettes, including her co-star Rachel. She made her decision despite Logan's departure. According to Gabby, even if Logan stayed, she wouldn't have visited his hometown with him. As Gabby explained, "I knew that I only wanted to take three people to hometowns, since they are the ones with whom I have the strongest connections.

Her fourth hometown date recipient would have been Nate Mitchell, the father of a six-year-old daughter she sent home because she wasn't ready to parent. It was heartbreaking for Nate to be split from the beginning of the season. Because of our circumstances, Gabby says she almost wanted Nate to have that space reserved for him.

As Logan explained, leaving after his COVID-19 diagnosis was "tragic." He said he had "put a lot on the line just before I had to leave." Logan shared that, although it was "pretty gutting at first," he is now able to accept the end of Gabby's relationship. A couple of months have passed, and you realize the person has been able to move forward and be happy... I have been able to get my own life back on track. Logan also said that while things did not work out with him and Gabby, he hopes to find someone "a lot like Gabby" in the future.

Gabby's reasons for not wanting to go home to meet Logan's family are understandable, even though Logan was excited about bringing her home. As a result of her decision about Nate, Gabby has proven to be an effective leader for The Bachelorette despite her doubts. She was not interested in filling the fourth hometown date for the show's sake. She hopes that Erich, Jason, or Johnny will accept her final rose so she can get engaged.