title iconLove Island USA's Isaiah is the most wanted islander for a number of reasons

As the male Love Island USA contestants left the villa for Casa Amor, six new female bombshells appeared, but Isaiah Campbell caught everyone's attention. Sydney Paige is loyal to Isaiah, despite the short, confusing stunt with Andy Voyer. Unfortunately, other female islanders also share this desire. At the start of the season, bombshell Valerie Bragg had her eye on Isaiah, which made Sydney cry. Sydney's man Isaiah didn't spark much with the Texas native, and he quickly moved on.

Unfortunately, the couple wasn't in the clear yet. Despite the incident with Andy, the couple seemed ready to commit to one another. However, Kat Rose and Nadjha Day arrived to meet the islander, and this changed. Sydney had two islanders to worry about this time. Although Isaiah was close to recoupling with Nadjha, he stayed loyal to his first relationship. As Sydney has left Casa Amor, he's become very popular with the new female bombshells. Here are some possible reasons.

It's Isaiah's dream to be the youngest male contestant on the show, and he's tied with Chazz Bryant for most of the show's tattoos and cross earrings. Both Felipe Gomes, 32, and Bryce Fins, 30, had a maturity that was less appealing to the younger contestants on the show, which led to their eliminations. There wasn't any drama or playing games at Love Island USA, only real connections. There has been a lot of drama with Isaiah, on the other hand. Everyone wants him, but Sydney's grip keeps them from getting him. It's not a secret that Love Island USA contestants are not all ready to settle down.

This makes him even more appealing to the young female islanders, who admit to wanting what they can't have. Some older contestants look likely to make it to the end, like Timmy Pandolfi and Zeta Morrison.As bombshells who have watched the show before entering the villa know, Isaiah seems to jump around quite a bit with the female islanders. The Casa Amor bombshells might be opting for the easy option after Bria Bryant bravely went after Timmy earlier in the season.

According to another Reddit user, producers might have caused drama on the show by choosing bombshells they knew were interested in Isaiah specifically. The Casa Amor girls may want to tear apart Sydney and Isaiah since they've been together since day one and win him over as well, leaving Sydney alone. Love Island USA fans seem to agree, as one Redditor wrote, "Going after Isaiah is now a challenge to prove someone's the hottest, and it's nothing about Isaiah." They want to unseat Sydney to prove they're the alpha."

The popularity of Isaiah with the women has caught some Love Island USA fans by surprise, considering how many other male contestants are willing to be loyal and respectful of the female islanders. Young contestants and producer antics may explain Isaiah's desirability. Isaiah's games seem to be outshining the genuine nature of 25-year-old contestant Jeff Christian, who seems like the perfect match for someone looking for a real relationship. Love Island USA season 4 is dominated by Isaiah, whether the Casa Amor girls win his affection or not.