title iconLuke Bryan shares a bittersweet update about his niece's premature baby

The American Idol judge is a father of two

Luke Bryan has shared some incredible family news about his niece's premature baby born on July 20, 2022 - at 12:51 BST Luke Bryan shared some incredible news about his niece's premature baby boy, who weighed just 3 pounds, 13 ounces.

Back in May, the American Idol judge shared the news that his niece Jordan Cheshire Eudy had welcomed her first baby - a boy named Jonathan - but he had to spend seven weeks in the hospital due to his premature birth.

A special anniversary is celebrated by Luke Bryan and his wife

Luke has now revealed that Jonathan has achieved a much healthier weight after the worrying time for the family. Luke revealed to Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul: "He's over six pounds now and they're pretty close to being able to go home, which is a great accomplishment.".

"He's healthy and growing, and I'm happy to have him here."While Luke is happy to hear Jonathan is doing well, he admits the news was bittersweet. In response to these questions, my father explained: "When they're in the NICU, there are limited opportunities - I haven't had a chance to get in any kisses and cuddles and hugs. I'm ready to grab his hand."

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The first child of Luke's niece Jordan was born in May

Luke may have already received his wish since shortly after his interview, Jordan took to Instagram to reveal that she and Clint were on their way to bring Jonathan home after he had spent "48 long days" in the hospital.

"We could not be more grateful for the team of nurses and doctors that took us here today," Jordan wrote alongside several adorable photos of Jonathan on Facebook.
It's finally time to welcome little Jonathan home.

I would like to thank our family and friends for the prayers, calls, and texts they sent. It means more than you know," she said. In praise of the good Lord, I thank you for blessing us with this precious boy we can love every day of our lives."

There is a particularly close relationship between Luke and his wife Caroline - with whom he shares two sons, Thomas and Tatum - and Jordan. The reason for this is that they adopted Jordan and her younger siblings, Kris and Til, after their mother, Luke's sister, died in 2007 of unknown causes, and her husband, Ben, died seven years later from a heart attack.